Telluria is Still Too Strong

Good joke, I have Telluria und I wish I could change her into Odin, Freya or one of the S4 5* heroes. I attack Theluria teams with or without my own Theluria and win more than 60% of the fights. I am a frequent no money spending player and I enjoy the game for 3 years. I have more than 8 HOTM and Theluria is not my best one. So please don’t nerve me with nerfing. When you are looking at the top teams none of them is using Theluria anymore. Theluria was before nerfing a very good hero, now she is average.

Cheers Reeder

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With red mono Telly+20 is out just by 4 red blocks :slight_smile: Really not tough to beat……nowhere near Elizabeth or Hannah’s level….these two you should be concerned about, not Telluria :wink:

What a joke, I have her +19 and she sits benched most of the time. She was overnerfed the last time.

As many of you already pointed out, telluria was also one of my first 5* heroes. Once she first came up, I used her for everything: raids, defense, maps… When the first nerf happened, I still used her, but it was not overpowered. Since the second nerf, she is not useful. She basically has too poor healing and too weak minions. 1 turn more of healing will highly improve her.

I think we should give telly back to “after the first nerf” in order she will be useful again. She is not the best tank by far, and give her a little buff will not change that.


I really would like SG to revert her back. She wouldn’t be considered OP after that first nerf.


She got indirectly buffed now, as in her healing got stronger. If you’re running Vela and JF for a JTV, she gets an extra 20% healing.

She is bad now, especially if you have hero’s who take the minions out like skadi, capitan diamond, she’s easy now

Found an LB telly. It just feels like a waste of LB mats tbh. She still kind of falls too easily

I would say telly is now the 5* version of kashherk. Can still tank really well at lower tier, but not so much at higher tier


2+2=5…:fist: or… is it six…?

Supposing they do buff up all the old,
saggy, smelly loafers.
Supposing they shine them all up!

So that they can compete with…
Maybe even surpass all the shiny,
new toys…!

They will maintain the word:
for upcoming portals.
They have to! Otherwise why pull?
You already have 60 superstars!
Some have much more than that!

Your pushing them to the point
There’s no road left…

So what will lucrative look like…?
It’s about time to release the 6* cards

Do it!
Give them what they want SG!

Make 6* heroes!!

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