Telluria is Still Too Strong

Now with only 2 heroes. It’s not even that easy at the moment to find some telluria tanks at all. Most people dropped her from that position, doesn’t look like they have a lot of success with her, wich doesn’t speak for her still being dangerous…

Anyone who wants to beat a normal telluria defense with only 1 hero?


I’m glad when I see Telluria at tank - my red stack can destroy her.

And when I raid with a Green stack, I’ve actually been taking Costume Melendor instead of Telluria and having more success. Telly is too slow, has too weak minions, too weak of a heal, and the only real thing she has going for her is the mana slowdown to all enemies.

I was about to say that Telly is good where she is, but really, since I’m picking a costume 4-star in favor of a HOTM, I guess she should probably get at least a bit of a buff to make it at least a difficult choice to leave a 5-star on the bench.

Good gaming!


She is not the best HoTM not by a long shot. I do not find her hard to deal with. I don’t even build teams just to deal with her. Not sure why people would find her hard.

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I feel like these videos are more about skadi…


Probably :sweat_smile: :rofl: :see_no_evil:
20 more skadis


That skadi stack is brutal.

But Telluria is not the strongest hotm. Maybe when she first came out. But not after the multiple nerfs. When she was first released slow mana might have worked. But making her slow now would just salt the wound. So many people want her reverted back to her original state.


These days I mostly see Telluria in the ‘tank’ position in double or reverse formation where she’s hidden behind the flanks.

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I’m sort of stunned that anybody could think that Telluria could be too strong, let alone have difficulty dealing with her

I got Telluria when she first came out but by the time I had levelled her up she had been nerfed down to her present level

Not having many good 5* heroes at the time I had to persevere with using her/him until a few months ago when I finally managed to get better heroes to eclipse him/her

After Telluria had been nerfed I noticed a rapid decline in people using him/her to the point were now it’s almost a novelty to come up against him/ her in a raid

As to combating Telluria I find that just taking out the more dangerous heroes around him/her works, it’s almost in some cases like taking on a team that only brought four heroes

It would be interesting to see how Telluria would fare now if the original stats were restored

Ps, has anybody got a definitive answer as to whether Telluria is a male or female hero, I’m going for female


That’s what I have always thought. Not definitive but a supporting opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Onatel? Seshat? Uraeus? Hel? Gravemaker? Kingston?

Even J-F is more of a hassle to face.

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Skadi is actually more effective vs Freya and Bera - you could have done exactly the same thing with one of those at tank, but with greater effect. At least with C Kiril to support her.

I mean Skadi is death to anything with minions. Doesn’t really matter what the heroes are…if they have a minion wall up when she fires, she wins it.


A tough match but you were really lucky that the marjana fire at Brynhild of the three and dodged that attack. If Bryn fell you have no chance of winning that match

Telly nowadays brings nothing but an annoyance against you. To the point where a simple beatdown team could easily take her down. She was neutered so hard already and you still want to violate her in the grave?


Is this thread a joke???


Definitely feeling that way… :popcorn: :beer: for all !!!


Telly is one of the worst tanks out there. I bet you think Aegir is a good tank too? Telly is a tile dump. She doesn’t do much. You don’t even really need a cleanser against her since she only slows mana for two turns. If this isn’t a joke post, who are you using to attack her???

Looks like I need to update my Titan Mafia graph and hop on this nerf train wreck

So many other heroes have been left behind tho…

They really need to hurry up with these costumes!

Don’t worry
And every other hero in your roster
Will all get nerfed again
When the next tower comes


I’m not using her anymore. I don’t know why OP wants her to be nerfed when there are all power creeps in top meta and telluria is not even there in most defence teams. They should actually buff telluria now. They nerfed her so much.


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