Telluria is Still Too Strong

I’m a 3-year, diamond tier player. Not pay-to-play but with 2 HOTMs in each element and a bench of 50 strong 4&5* heroes.

Yet . Whenever I see Telluria as a Tank, I cringe.

She’s just too powerful.

I know she’s already been “fixed” once… but I don’t think it was enough.



Talking about it with my guild and other long-time veteran players, we’ve all agreed that editing her set of skills, or her regular ADH stats isn’t necessary.

Simply, her SPEED.

if she were simply edited to proc SLOW, we’d feel better.

Just saying. But seriously. Please.

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go with your complaiment to this thread - if you are brave enough


Are u wanting to see a mass exit? IMO tell has been broken since the last “fix” easy target in war and even I removed her emblems. Not sure why u feel the way u do but she is definitely not op. :beer:


I’m not trying to get into a pissing match

But you tell me. Is she not the strongest HOTM player in the game?

Her speed makes her so. If she had a slower rate, she’d be manageable.

That’s my take.

Whaaaaa. That’s the point of a hotm. There are much stronger heroes and tell was neutered.


I used to avoid Telly. But last Halloween I got Vanda, and then my first red mana troop. Level 11+ mana troop charges Vanda in 6 tiles and she shuts down that mana drop which was always what caused me the most problems with Tel.

It’s not like I have an awesome bench, Vanda is my only seasonal legendary.

There are lots of OP heroes I reroll against. Telly is not one of them :woman_shrugging:


People are funny :))


I really look forward to being matched with Telli nowadays after I got Skadi, a match with Telli is 90% sure win.
I do understand that not everybody has Skadi, but there has been multiple counters (Vanda, Red Ninja Girl, etc) that just made her obesolete. I think I’m gonna reset Telli’s emblem too after thinking about it.


As F2P was very happy to get her. Then she got nerfed and nerfed again so even at 19 emblems I only use her for minion wars and I have less than 10 fully levelled 5 star heroes.

I also don’t worry about attacking her anymore, just dump tiles into her to charge my heroes specials. She is definitely not OP.

Edit, I’m such a liar I have 11 leveled 5 star heroes.


This is my fav video challenge…

Set Telluria tank off the most times while still winning the raid

Notes: She is still good, but not as good as before, she is not a top tier anymore, so there is no need to nerf her again.


She’s awful, I love fighting her since the 2nd nerf. So no, not everyone agrees.


I think she’s still pretty solid, I haven’t reset mine, but I’m not worried about meeting her these days. Minion destroyers are best - I have Grimble, Noor, C. Gormek and nearly finished Devana, so some choice there (not to mention Gobbler and Captain of Diamonds at 1.1). But she’s manageable without. I beat one with the old-fashioned Wilbur based mono red team the other day, most satisfying. You couldn’t do that in the GTV days.


She’s good. But far from the best green tank. It’s not worth spending too much time rehashing all of this.


I believe she has been “fixed” three times. The third in my opinion made her extremely ordinary and was unneccesary. There are many other heroes I cringe about facing more than Telluria. Frigg / Alfrike / Onatel / Sif / Garnet to name a few.


To be honest. She was very strong before the nerf. And that trio with Vela and GM almost bust the forum.
But since the nerf there are far stronger heroes being pushed into the game that people complain are OP.
Telluria is an ok tank and fine on defence. But that’s all she is left with.
I also have an alt account And I look for the teams in war and in raids that field a Telluria tank.
9 times out of 10 I can defeat them with a mono red team of:
Gormek, Kelile, Boldtusk, Khagan and Scarlett.
So personally I don’t see a problem with leaving Telluria as she is.
If anything I would say with all the new heroes being released and all the costumes coming our way - Telluria could do with a bit of a buff to retain her tank status


I used too fear her. I don’t anymore. Yes, my teams have evolved, but the last nerf really made her… easy to swipe.


Ah yes the feared telluria

Edit: still not decided if this thread is satire :thinking:


Yeah I wasn’t sure if this was a troll either :joy:

Telluria is now decent. Not rubbish, not great which tbh is all she ever needed to be. If anything I’d advocate for a buff these days. Last March she killed the game but a year and a half makes a big difference. She can go back to pre-nerf now I would say.


Can you share your rouster please?

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I think that Telluria is still a good tank, but for sure not too strong. I don’t find her more difficult than any OK tank and there are other tanks who are much stronger than her.
And I write the above while the only Red 5* I use is the not-so-strong Yang Mai, and I write this also regarding Telluria at +20.


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