Telluria in Atlantis Rises Portal?

Does any one know (or estimate) when Telluria be part of season 2 summon Portal? Thanks!

Probably never. She’ll enter Tavern Of Legends portal next spring?

We just saw Neith last Atlantis, so next one is gonna be Grimble, then Vela, then JF. So it’s gonna be Telluria in Atlantis by February 2021


lol, my bad, forgot about the featured heroes

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I am confused! I thought Telly was utter garbage and nobody wanted her anymore anyway?

Okay yes I am intentionally ribbing the Telly owners. :laughing:

Please forgive me! It is rare that I get the opportunity to laugh at people who are otherwise more fortunate than myself.

Many of you had a good laugh at my expense when I pulled Noor as a HotM.

So maybe I do chuckle a little bit every time they nerf your Tellys. I cannot help it. :laughing:

Turnabout is fair play, yes?


A little more sympathetic would be nice @TGW :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously as a Telly owner I don’t care that much that she is a good tank, you don’t get to play when the defense is happening, so not much fun. I ascended her when she was awesome at attack too, straight after I got her. She was one of my first 5 star healers

Now she is kind of pointless on attack, and her heal is underwhelming. I’d prefer if I still had the tonics and I could give them to Frigg.

Yes she remains a solid tank (stats, class, innate ability all help there) but she’s not as good to play with


I have tried to be sympathetic on here, while a hundred other posters all trashed on me.

Hence why I said turnabout is fair play? I get trashed by others here on a regular basis.

Point I was trying to make is that Telly is still a nice hero to have, in spite of the nerfs.

Yeah people are mad that she got nerfed. Okay. I understand. You spent money to get a hero, then it got nerfed. SG deceived you, pulled the carpet out from underneath you. It feels bad.

Kinda like how it feels bad when you spend money and don’t even get good heroes in the first place.

Where was the sympathy for me? They just told me, “odds are clearly posted.”

Those summoning odds were not nearly as clearly posted as the Terms of Service we all had to agree to when we downloaded this game, where they clearly stated that they have the right to nerf your heroes into the ground if they feel like it.

But I digress.

As much as she has been nerfed, she is still a helluva lot better than the majority of the heroes on my own bench. I have zero 5 star healers. And tanks are not supposed to be great on attack, or serve as great heroes. That was the whole point of her getting nerfed in the first place. One hero is not supposed to be able to do everything.

Sympathy? I’ll do you one better. I’ll trade you one of my heroes for your Telly. Any one of them except Miki… that one I’m not willing to part with. But any other would be fair game. Because Telly is still, IMO, that good… good enough to be better than all but one of my other heroes.


I have a Telly double! We can trade! Only if the game allowed it i would love a yellow hero in return!

Will They still have old hotm in the atlantis portal next year? I maybe wrong but thought by the end of the year, it be the last time they have hotm in the atlantis portal.

I have a Leonidas double, for whatever that’s worth… LOL. Would gladly swap him for a Telly. :grin:

To me it doesn’t make sense that SG say they will nerf Telluria into the ground until players basically stop using her. Why would they then want to offer her in a portal any portal.


Wow mate, it isn’t an emotional discussion for me, just the fact is she is less useful, and therefore arguably less fun, on attack. It’s only a game, but fun is the idea yeah?

I get why she needed to be nerfed, she was sucking the fun out of the game. I just would have liked the nerfs to be stat based, or something that left me something offensively useful. But it’s not the end of the world, just my random musings, which is the idea of a discussion forum

I would gladly give you my second Telly if I could, but alas I cannot

And if I could take that Miki off your hands that’d be nice too

She is absolutely less useful than before, yes.

It’s not an emotional discussion for me either, but if you’ve been following the forum ever since her first nerf, you might have noticed that many people got very emotional over the nerfs.

Somewhat understandable, given the amount of time and money they “lost” investing in her.

I’m simply saying that she’s still a very solid hero and that many of us who don’t have her already would still be happy to pull her, as evidenced by the existence of this very thread. Many acted like it was the end of the world when she got nerfed. The end of Telluria as we know it! I still see her regularly in diamond level teams. Maybe not top level diamond teams, but they’re holding more cups than I am. So she’s absolutely not garbage, or anywhere close to it.

It was always my understanding that she was supposed to be a mostly defensive hero. Miki is great, but he’s much better suited for offense. He’s not exactly a superstar defensively… the attack damage boost does not apply to special skills, and AI is too unpredictable to make his silence ability particularly useful on a defensive team.

Yes, I was poking a bit of fun at those who overreacted to the Telly nerfs. And simply pointing out that Telly owners are not the only ones who have gotten the short end of the stick in this game. When Telly was first released, basically anyone who didn’t have Telly was on the short end of the stick. Chaos ensued. Then the tables turned, and more chaos ensued from the other side of the equation.

Sympathy should really go both ways. I apologize if I’ve offended Telluria owners by snickering under my breath when she gets nerfs… I certainly do understand how frustrating that must be for them. As long as they also have some sympathy for me when their team ends up kicking the crap out of my lower powered team. :slightly_smiling_face:


Righto, fair enough

I don’t spend that much, but have insanely good luck with summons sometimes. Yesterday my traditional ten pulls from Valhalla special netted Gefjon and Frigg, which is among my best luck ever

I certainly feel for those who don’t get decent heroes, the luck system sucks a bit

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I’ve only spent roughly $140 total in my 2 years of playing. I say “only”… to me, that is a lot of money for one video game… but I’ve been around these forums long enough to know that what I’ve spent is practically nothing in E&P land. I might as well have thrown a penny in a well and wished upon a lucky star.

I have already vented plenty enough about the summoning odds and crazy pricing for gems vs. what you can expect to get for them… I’ve been trying to make peace with that aspect of the game and be happy with the few heroes that I have been lucky enough to pull myself.

But when I hear other people whining about how their own heroes (that are significantly better than most of mine) are getting outclassed by other new heroes? I kind of roll my eyes a bit.

Going back once again to on topic: I’m assuming the original intent of this post was because OP doesn’t have a Telluria, but would very much like to get one. In spite of the nerfs.

I, too, would be extremely happy to pull a Telluria. Nerfs and all.

And yup. I’d give her ascension mats and emblems without hesitation. And put her in tank position on my defense team. And then I might finally be able to hold steady in diamond tier for more than a day.

I still think Telly is an awesome hero. Maybe she’s not top #1 hero of all time anymore, but still definitely ranks up there amongst some of the best. So I don’t understand all the crying from those who have her. I do understand a little bit - yeah it sucks that she got nerfed a bit. But you know what… okay, personally, my best hero is Miki. He’s pretty awesome on his own.

Let’s say they nerfed his attack boost from +130% down to +120%. Would that kind of bum me out? Absolutely. But would I regret leveling him up after that? Absolutely not. Would I demand compensation? No. Compensation for what? For the time and effort I put into him? I’ve put time and effort into a lot of heroes. Some of them end up being very useful, others less so. That’s the nature of the game.

Compensation for the money spent to pull him? How do you put a price tag on that? Some people pulled Telluria for free in a single pull. Others spent hundreds trying to get her. We’re all supposed to accept that about this game - that whether we like it or not, it’s a whole lot of RNG. Some people love that about the game. I’m not a fan of that aspect myself, but okay, it’s part of the game.

So why is anyone surprised by the fact that their heroes can go from being greatest hero ever one day, to being 5th or 10th place the next? That’s kind of how this whole game operates.

I just think that anyone who has a Telly should be happy to have her. Because even after the nerfs, you could certainly do a lot worse in the hero department. :slightly_smiling_face:

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On the topic of holiding in diamond - who are your top 5* and 4*s?

I have Lianna + 18 as tank. C Quintus + 20 and Frida + 14(ish) in flanks, and C Joon + 10(ish) and Grazul + 14(ish) in wing. Will be replacing Graul soon with Gefjon (first lucky pull in 3 months) as she doesn’t do much for my defense.

So I vanilla, 2 costume 5s, 1 HOTM & 1 HOTM/Valhalla. My toops are between level 11 and level 17. I hold anywhere between 2450 and 2600


I read somewhere Telly and Vela can’t be summoned in any portal in the future.

Somewhere in this forum, but I can’t remember the post.

Top 5 star heroes:

Malosi 4/80+5

Richard 4/80+7
Miki 4/80+4

Lianna 4/80+7
Kadilen 4/80+4

Marjana 4/80+6
Santa Claus 4/80+3

Obakan 4/80
Domitia 4/64

Top 4 star heroes (and “stuck” 5 star heroes):

Wu Kong 4/70+10
Li Xiu 4/70+8
Chao 4/70+4
Leonidas 3/70
Chao dupe 4/70
Joon 3/33

Agwe 4/70+7
Kiril 4/70+4
Sonya 4/70+4
Grimm 4/70+4
Jott 4/65
Boril 3/60

Kashhrek 4/70+12
Melendor 4/70+12
Little John 4/70+4
Hansel 4/27
Caedmon 4/1
Buddy 3/60

c. Boldtusk 4/70+20
Scarlett 4/70+10
Gormek 4/70
Colen 4/70+7
Noor 3/70
Kelile 4/70
c. Boldtusk dupe, 4/23

c. Rigard 4/70+19
Ameonna 4/70+12
Cyprian 4/70+7
Rigard dupe, no costume bonus 4/70
Tiburtus 4/70

Good enough to hold in high platinum.

Good enough to raid up into low diamond.

Not good enough to stay in diamond.

Unless SG staff says otherwise, S2 portal will still feature 2 older HOTM.

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But has that been discussed on here before.
As tol was introduced the hotm from atlantis would be no more in 2021. Or that just rumour or I made it up in my head? Iv looked for a answer but can’t. Or has somthing changed that I havent read yet that has been mentioned on here?

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