Telluria health decreased during war with no attacks received

Telluria has less health like if he had been attacked but he has not received a single attack yet.

Do you have screenshots of the Attack History?

And can you provide a screenshot of your Telluria hero card? So we can see her stats based on your five emblems to the Talent Grid?

What will have happened is either:
1. You levelled up the troops
2. You added emblems
3. You finished levelling Telluria & then added emblems.

While attack, defence stats will live update, health will not, but will when you’re killed & respawn.

The reason is that the points distribution of the alliance (i.e. how the total 1500 points gets split down amongst all alliance members on the battlefield) is based on the HP.

You’ll notice when you are killed & respawn that the points available for killing you will shift up a bit (maybe not much but a little).

Exit: removed the troops as these are actually applied AFTER starting the battle & have no impact on the stats shown here…


Oh, wow. I didn’t even think about that. That’s a very good point.

Unrelated question, but why do you have Telly on the wing instead of tank or at least flank? She will never charge there.


I’ve always seen Alasie on the Right Wing and Delilah at Tank or Left or Right Flank. I’ve heard snipers are best on the wings, as well.

I wonder how they would do with this?

Kage - Delilah - Telluria - Jean-Francois - Alasie

I guess they’re on uniform blue tank. Even so, Telluria should be at the flank.

@Guvnor was right. I remember sometimes ago, I finished leveling Kingston during the war and instantly add up +5 emblem and the same thing happened. The progress was not captured correctly until my team respawn.

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