Telluria Emblems -- heart path... Or shield path...?

Many thanks @zephyr1!! None of the people in my alliance knows about this as well!! Only knew this after 1.5 years of playing!

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This isn’t true in war though right? I’ve noticed damage is much higher in war than in regular pvp

Hi @zephyr1 , I read through the links. It mainly says raids. Does it apply to war as well? And all other events (tourney).

As far as I know, it applies in War and Tournaments as well.

It’s easy enough to verify that by looking at the DoT amount from any DoT caster. I’ll double check during this War if possible.

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More defense. She already stays alive long enough behind a wall of minions, but adding more defense makes it dang near impossible to take her out without a heavy Fire Element stack, which is already a risk if Telluria is surrounded by strong Ice heroes.

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Can’t even take her out in 3 tiles with 5 red mono. That’s how tanky she is.

The question is, can the mana node help her go down one tile when using a crit troop? As the crit troop is better for defence, that would be a reason to go for the 19th node…

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