Telluria Emblems -- heart path... Or shield path...?

Looks like the top players all went for shield by why? The minions (including allies) on all based on her health, so isn’t health a better path? What am I missing?

Telluria is a Paladin, so she benefits a lot from increased Defense.

Crit Troops and Mana Troops also both favor Defense, and Defense Teams get a 20% bonus to Attack and Defense — but not Health.

Given those three factors on Defense, the benefit for Minions is easily outweighed by increased Defense.


thanks! went with defense then

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It says so: minions get 13% attack and 18% hp from thrower.

Wise goat has calculated following:

Which path should be better for minions?

I would go sword since the minions benefit from her attack and HP stats. Health is equal across the two, so take the attack boost.

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It’s far wiser to go defense path on a tank. The damage the minions deal is irrelevant to what makes him an excellent tank, especially if he doesn’t live long enough to fire


Fair point. Wasn’t thinking about that


I’m going for the 19th node for Telluria: %crit or %mana gen looking in the long term?:thinking:
Green mana troop at 22 (going to 23)
Green crit troop at 20
Thanx in advance for your suggestions and experience.

I would suggest mana. Telluria will fire after 3 simple matches.

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Do you use her as dmg dealer? :wink:
If yes crit, if not mana.
Go mana to make her fire earlier.


So, with a lvl 23 mana troop Telluria fires at 8.85 tiles (so 9).

No matter what you add on top of that, you can’t drop it to below that, as even at a 4% link + 4% boost, you are still at 8.43 tiles (9).

Where it could help is if you give the mana troop to someone else, and have a lower level one with Telluria.

Myself, I’ll likely stop at 18. The return on investment, in my eyes, isn’t enough for nodes 19/20 when I could add 6/7 nodes in depth on my roster.


It counts on def, too.

And then there are other heroes with mana boost like Missy. The 2% can make the difference.

It’s not all about how many tiles to charge on offense.


That was my thinking too, @Olmor…and you’ve confirmed it. :wink:

8.43 tiles is actually 8.5 tiles and not 9 right? Odds cases where that could make a difference.

There are no half tiles in game, so anything above the number is a whole unfortunately.

A landing tile on the opponent counts as half


ATT: 661
DEF: 991
LIFE: 1540

ATT: 661
DEF: 919
LIFE: 1612


Thanks for sharing. I’d say defense is the obvious choice.


Hi @zephyr1 , the 20% bonus (this is not from troops right?) to attack and defense is not reflected during battle stats? I did some calculation and only troops were added to base stats though. I was having this discussion on other thread (JF thread), and I just learn about this.

Where can I find out more about this?

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Correct, it’s in addition to the bonus from Troops, and it’s not shown in the displayed stats.

As a community we long ago determined the existence of the undisplayed Attack boost by observing DoT amounts on Defense vs. Offense, and determined the existence of the Defense boost by reverse engineering how damage calculation works.

This is the thread that originated the foundational analysis about the undisplayed 20% Defense bonus:

@Gryphonknight did a nice job summarizing the Defense bonus a bit here too: [Primer] Defense AI Cheats or why computer gets first move, trickle mana & bonus damage and how to exploit/ defend against it for more trophies

And here’s some info about the unlisted 20% Attack bonus: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)


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