Telluria does not overwrite Alasie's mana slowing


I was playing level 8-2 on S3, with C. Rigard, Alasie, Telluria, Anzogh and Poseidon: I noticed that when Telluria shoots her special, she doesn’t overwrite Alasie’s mana slowing. Below some pictures:

Alasie just shot the second dwarf from left and killed him, the two on his sides were affected by the mana slowing:


Then Telluria shot, as you can see from the two followings screens, the dwarf previously hit by Alasie has -24% mana generation. The one on the right side has instead -34% mana generation

My game version is 29.0.1 buold 1270

Alasie’s debuff is not dispellable. That means it can’t be cleansed or replaced with a like debuff. It’s kind of the same with the rabbits. They debuff themselves, and are then protected from a stronger debuff.

Working as intended.


Thank you very much, I’ll keep that in mind when using Telluria and Alasie

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