Telluria Avatar, How is this possible?

Hi Guys,

I just saw someone on the leaderboard having the Telluria avatar. @Petri, @zephyr1, would you dare explain how this is possible?

Me and some other friends who didn’t miss any challenge and merc’ed some titans have the same score.


I’m assuming you also have the Valor Pass?

Yes I do.

I’m wondering if Telluria’s avatar was one of the avatars awarded to a top Knights of Avalon finisher, which this person likely did. Anyone know? @zephyr1?

No, it wasn’t. I was in top 100 on Legendary and Rare, Top 500 in Epic. I compete every month and that avatar wasn’t there. There is something shady going on behind the scenes.

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Someone did mention the possibility of AI players mingled in with real players…

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Let’s analyst…
Reward Tier 44 need = 38.080 points.
Based on calc from this post: Path of Valor Milestone Point Costs

Desc Points
Daily challange until now 11.250
Other available challange can be reach until to day: -
Titan 5.000
Defeat Heroes in Raid 5.000
Tournament 5.000
Attack in War 2.600
Challange events 1.850
Summon 5.000
Total 35.700

Need 2.380 points more.
Well maybe I’m wrong in calculation? :man_shrugging:

With jump war if they can reach, it is plus 2.400 points, so make sense. But is it confrimed that war can reach with those method?


Probably figured out how to participate in multiple war matches.


Anyway this really needs an explanation… Some bug… I saw sometimes people saying they were in 2 war battle fields…
Maybe it’s possible to do 9 attacks each war…
You are in a strong alliance leave after Matchmaking join a weak alliance go back to previous alliance…
Right at the beggining of war make the 3 hits… Leave and join the weaker alliance before war started there…
It’s the only way I see it happening…
Anyway flagging this for attention.

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Even with war it’s not enough for avatar.

Or maybe it’s some testing account from Devs…

An AI or dev account should not be ranked.


That is really interesting and weird. I am glad someone noticed that and showed it to us. Curious what the situation around this account is. Will closely keep an eye on that thread for any possible solutions. Indeed really curious situation :slight_smile:


Love your answers guys, keep them going. We really need an explanation. Otherwise, it’s clear, hackers and/or SG shady things have been exposed.

It is possible… If I had war points I would have enough valour points…

Hmmm. That’s a good point. They shouldn’t be, but could they be? I mean, in order to look like a real player wouldn’t they need a rank for a real player to see so they can’t tell a difference?

How much does it jump each level?

But how would they pull that off? Don’t all wars start at the same time globally?

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I need 4580 points to get avatar… 2200(titans) +2400 (war) =4600
See images below.

That’s what we need to know…

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