Telluria – 5* Nature/ Green - March 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

This is a common misconception about HotM. There isn’t a “finite pool” of HotM which gets depleted over time.

Every summons has an equal chance of giving the bonus draw. Even the bonus draw has a chance for having a bonus draw :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened with Telluria is that every man & his dog decided to save gems or spend heaps of gems summoning for Telluria. Then pretty much everyone who got her dumped all their other projects and levelled her up to put on their defence teams…

Reason being is that she was known to be & instantly apparent to be a very powerful hero (am not stating OP or not, just the fact that she is a very powerful hero).


I have a question for everyone, sorry there are 800 posts here so I can’t be bothered to read them all in the hope of finding the answer, sorry.

I have Telluria at 4/50 right now, so when AR comes, I hope to have her maxed.
I have no Paladin Emblems left, the ones I have used are on my Cyprian (+9), Guardian Falcon (+7) and Sonya (+9).

I use Cyprian a lot in my Mon Purple attack and he is very helpful with enemies committing suicide, basically. Sonya has her costume on too also at max, so I don’t want to remove her emblems. And then Guardian Falcon is one I only use for Challenge Events or Titans (for mono red). I wouldn’t be too bothered abotu stripping his.

But my question is this:

Should I strip Falcon and put the few emblems on Telluria to make a “tiny” difference, or would it not be worth it, and I should keep them on G Falcon? Is Telluria still good and “worthy” with 0 emblems?

(Not sure what talent node I could take Telluria if I did strip Falcon - I would use a reset token to get all of them back?)

In answer to your question - yes
That is exactly what a lot of players have done stripped emblems from the likes of Sonya, Falcon, Justice etc to beef up Telluria

Ok so I have worked out, if I reset all 3 heroes, and I have 22 emblems already, that will be 555 emblems I have total.

I can take her to Node 8 (65+50+50+65+50+50+65+125 = 520) and can take her to Node 9 after the next Trial which gives Paladin emblems. That should be ok for now right?

Yes that fine. Good luck

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According to @DaveCozy’s very definitive encyclopedia of buffs and debuffs the mana buffs from the likes of Ariel & Brynhild OVERWRITE Telluria’s debuff, it is not a case of offsetting the debuff. This means rather than being at -10% mana generation you are at +24% for the heroes that received the mana buff.

Check out the full list here: Buff/Debuffs


I stripped all emblems from Cyprian and Falcon and after Fables I will strip them from Vodnik too. All hands aboard for Telluria!

You are correct and I’ve updated that post to fix that. Thanks!

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The differences between bad vs good initial boards against telluria tank


I’m hearing whispers of an incoming nerf. Anyone have information on this?

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You’re the worst :laughing:


20 Elle oh elles

Telluria will be nerfed with the ability just slightly above horghall :laughing:

This is super awesoooommeeee :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Should I give tonics to Telly or Heimdall?

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Hmm I hear she may be buffed soon



She can’t get any worse so makes her a safe bet


I have two of their.

One in 3/70

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