Telluria – 5* Nature/ Green - March 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Telluria should be coming back through Atlantis portal. So I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

continue… facing Telluria… this time finally I won :muscle: but Telluria died with tiles though :sweat_smile:

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Just worth noting on this;

Current HotM has a 1.3% chance of being summoned at all hero portals (Event, Elemental, Epic Hero, Costume, Atlantis & Valhalla).

Comparatively, a specific returning Featured HotM is just 0.325%

So comparing the pair, if you were to do {x} summons, your cumulative liklihood of GETTING the Telluria is:

If we look specifically at the Cumulative Liklihood Tipping Point (i.e. the 50% mark) you need:
HotM for the month = 53 Summons
Returning HotM in Atlantis = 213 summons


I can’t emphasise this strongly enough: There is no such thing as a must-have hero. I’ve been thinking of starting a thread to discuss this very point. Apart from the obvious fact that @Olmor has pointed out, that this is a game not real life, and the needs of real life must come first, even your game will not go to pot if you don’t have this one character. There are work-rounds for everything. While people are talking about this one being 5 times in top 10 - there are also 5 teams in the top 10, many teams in the top 100, and likely more than half in the whole world, that she’s not in and - this bit is important - will be just fine. Even people who have her won’t use her all the time. One of my alliance mates has no green 5* at all and frequently top-scores in wars and on titans, even blue ones.

Just sigh, grit your teeth and accept that Telluria doesn’t plan to come your way. She still might, if you pick up some more free in-game summoning chances, but if she doesn’t, there’s another hero next month and another and another, and some lovely new options in Valhalla (including Heimdall, who some reckon is even better). Save the gems. Save the cash for goodness’ sake! If you do somehow pull this one green tank-healer this month you’ll only be frustrated further down the line when the next “must-have” hoves into view and everyone’s got it except you… (they haven’t, but it feels like it.)

It’s an addiction. Now is a really good time to get a grip of it. But so hard to do when the walls of your life have shrunk around you, of course. This game is a great distraction, but not so great as to need or deserve your last farthing. Try to enjoy it by broadening your focus.


I think defense is most valuable, especially for a Paladin. AFAIK, minions function as an extension of the health bar, so they have the same defense as the hero. HP will then increase the base HP stat and also the HP of the summoned minions.

For a Paladin, there are only 2 times where you’ll have to choose defense OR HP, so the difference won’t be drastic. I’d probably go defense both times though.


Have a read of this thread:

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Those odds do really suck, but better than selling food stamps…


It’s just that I can’t afford to spend that much every month. Not to mention that I’ve been saving gems, coins, tokens and keys for over 7 months to at least have a shot at getting a hero I like, and after all that not only did I not get her, but I didn’t get a single 5* hero from any of the attempts I’ve made. If all that is still not enough how am I supposed to hope to ever get anything in this game? It’s not about must have heroes or leaderboards, I just thought she’d be neat to have. The only hero I’d ever thought would be worth trying for, even knowing the odds wouldn’t be in my favour. After a really tough month I thought I was due for a little lucky break, even of it was just in a stupid game, but I guess I was still asking for too much, especially knowing how bleak my outlook is going to be from now on.

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you need to stop playing this game. and I am serious. this is not healthy.


That really does suck, and you do have my sympathy. Seems like the game is adding more xxxx to the heap that’s falling on you right now; “it never rains but it pours”. Just remember that your outlook will be even more bleak if you throw RL money after the saved gems and tokens. Hope you are soon out and about again, and that you do get something neat and shiny very soon.

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Telluria or Ursena as best tank? :grinning:

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Momentarily Telly.

Ursl can cast and be beaten nevertheless in every 2nd scenario. Against Telly I won only every 6th or 7th if she cast.

Hansel seems to be my best counter so far, if I manage to charge him faster than Telly.

You have to prevent Telly from going off at all, since Ursl can fire twice before your heroes are fully charged. Against Telly you’ll have to charge at least one of yours faster.

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Makes sense. I’ve been looking at the top players and that seems to be the best 3-some at tank/flanks.

With the heroes I have and emblem combos, I could run at +19 all:


Thoughts on this?

I assume you’d attack this with a 3 RED - 2 GREEN stack, but that could lead to trouble when Vela and GM fire off.

I’ve always gone rainbow on defense but with my emblemed purples being Kunchen and Ursena, and yellow Onatel… I don’t see a fit on the wings for these heroes… and Vela and GM seem too good with Telly to take off the flanks.

There are some heroes that really help if Telluria goes off. Poseidon stops her mana cut, so does Grazul. And I want her pals Finley and Vela to go off when Mitsuko’s reflect is active.

Like you said, this is all predicated on getting your heroes to fire before she goes off. I did win a few when she fired, but still, she makes it a pain in the ■■■.

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Seems a very viable team and Finley + Kingston would punish teams who relies on red heroes who would try to counter Telluria, Vela and Gravemaker’s specials.

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Grazul was already a decent pick on offense but now with dot meta she’s even more impactfull.

Tellu is a good tank especially with deep emblems, still mono red works very well even with a vela around if you can bring Grazul.

Atm I use to play JF with grazul against her and results are pretty decent from an okay board to a good one.

Final team should be something like Grazul, Mits, Ares, JF and Wilbur.


Counter came before her.

It’s Grazul, one of the most underestimated heroes of the month.

I don’t go often to fight top 100, but I’m undefeated against Telluria with Grazul.

Grazul also counters Vela.


I’m trying to drop cups…

My defense team:

Heimdall 1/29 (you read that right, 1st ascension) / Kageburado 2/59 / Telluria 2/53 / Vela 4/1 / Morgan 4 / 6

Total TP: 3157.

I’m having trouble dropping below 2000 cups… I seem to be winning like 80% of defense battles at 2k. I don’t understand… are people really that bad at playing against telluria?


This is because your underdeveloped defense attract players that aren’t ready to fight your team but somehow they think otherwise.


I don’t know what attack teams they’re using, but their defense team TPs are at least 3500-3700

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