Tell them what you honestly think of Zynga games


Again, I chose to vote with my wallet. I shared that on the Google Play review. If Zynga will not listen to customers, we will tell you with our non-payments.

Next up, Reddit.

Rescind Zynga Greed

@zephyr1 @Rook @Coppersky @Kerridoc isn’t comment on other games a no no? :thinking:


I think a topic or post solely about another game would conflict with these rules:

Drawing comparisons in conversation seems fine to me, barring SG more explicitly saying otherwise.

In the context of this thread, I don’t see an issue — Zynga owns Small Giant now, so this thread seems to be directed toward the perceived management, despite SG saying they continue to operate independently.

Did you catch something that I missed?


I’ll withdrawl if needed. I am directing comments toward the management of this game.


“spreading misguided information” is highly subjective!


That’s completely fine. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, your efforts seem to have garnered more engagement in the other two related threads you started.

So it might be worth closing this one and focusing on those ones, or clarifying your intentions of this thread in contrast to the others.


What I think of “Zynga” games.

I still consider E&P an SG game. Technically it is 80% a Zynga game. So…what do I think? I think I love E&P, and hope that the folks at Zynga recognize what they’ve got here and don’t change a thing. :slight_smile:


If SG can keep the good work, care for all player (F2P, C2P, Or P2P) and not just thinking how to make profit and hear input from majority player, I don’t care who is behind the ownership :wink:
Hope Zynga can make this game more colorful, improve the heroes design, more generous with the reward, prepare the heroes ability carefully before it launched, so no heroes get buff or nerft after that.


Well Zynga is to mobile games what EA is to PC/console gaming, so don’t get your hopes up.


I know since I play Zynga game ( used to spend a lot of time to play that game) .
I do not put a lot of hope this is my satire voice to reach SG consideration .

Esp when I read the crazy idea like paying gem just to competite with top player!


My second favorite game right now is Words With Friends 2, a Zynga game.

That gives me hope that it’s possible they won’t ruin my beloved E&P. :wink:


EA took a step in the right direction by following a mainstream game, recently.
We can still dream :slight_smile:


Zynga has come to milk the cow. That’s all. They want to see numbers with lots of zeros. I am afraid the whole game is sausage to them.
…and if milking the cow means that we have to pay for playing a event, we will see a lot of “Anchor like action” these days.


I would think the amount of negative posts all regarding the same thing from the same user is tantamount to vandalism/spam. It’s the same thing over and over. Here and on reddit now too apparently, where the same user is calling for a boycott.


In my employement, we were acquired by a larger company and it was sold to the employees as a merger and that staff would not be affected… several months later as reality hit, it became clear that it was not a merger. We were required to assimilate to their guidelines… many people left or were terminated. I don’t imagine this Zynga acquisition will be any different no matter what Small Giant staff may say.


In the past I played multiple Zynga games. In my personal opinion, all of those games were, eventually, terribly mismanaged and/or neglected and then abruptly closed. I am not pleased about Zynga’s involvement in this game and I will now exclusively be FTP in anticipation of what I consider to be inevitable upcoming negative experiences.


I play the game, no matter who are the developers.

It’s the only one I play. Just for the fun!


Personally, I tend to agree with what this guy says on the subject:


Hello rook I love empire e puzzle by lisa


My honest opinion for Zynga games :

  1. The first I play that game, its fun, no server problem, game loading is fast. The innovation is awesome.
  2. After some period, the game start : to much upgraded, to much server problem, the loading time start to have issues. And then Some start to complain about that.
  3. Suddenly that game have to much things to do (the farm one) , required a lot of time to play, and loading waste a lot of time for bad connection. And I just stop to play since it becomes like second work.

But that game gave me a lot of awesome friend and good memories, so the bright side is: if Zynga can see the other side, not just to gain money, actually they can give a lot of innovation. They do cool design.

Just put attention for server, and don’t make SG player must pay to play. If they start to do it we can choose keep playing it to free or just stop to play.

For now I just choose to be C2P , save my pocket and have fun with less stress.

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