Tell me, what is it for?

never had the opportunity to use this ingredient

Dragon scale… I think just one of the heroes of the month needed this to ascend, Musashi maybe.

I may be completely wrong!

@MantisToboggan is completely wrong :slight_smile: Musashi needs orbs and darts for last ascensions, just like all holy heroes. The items are always same for a specific color of heroes. Monthly heroes use same materials as regular heroes.

This item which is called Dragonscale Aegis in English version has no use anymore and it can’t be looted anymore. It was an item that was used to for ascension of high rarity heroes in the past. They were really rare drops. Few players got a one and I think you needed 4 or 6 of them.

The items needed for ascension were reworked about half a year ago and at that point this item was removed. If you got one in the past you will still have it left in inventory, but you can’t use it for anything or get more of them. Or get rid of them.


Does not seem fair to me, it took his chance at other 4* rare materials and got stuck with this useless one.

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I wasn’t playing back then, but I believe some of the other requirements for ascending 5 stars were much lower (or so I was told). so it probably works out.

I have never seen one, but wish I had one. Things always change, so it might become useful again, perhaps in season two.

I kinda doubt that will be the case, unless they simply convert it to something else (they could in the database if they so chose); it’s a nice trophy though.

Well, they could make it a final assencion mat for a new 5* hero… would fit right in, imagine the wait time. LOL

It was the rarest of all 4* items, very few people had one. That is probably why it was chosen to be the one removed when they only needed 7.

Btw. I have another rarity: Set of maps. It has never had any use, it has never dropped from anywhere, except an ascension pack in the shop and I managed to get it before they removed it from there.


So jealous of all your gloves and compasses.

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Awesome! I hope they bring those back, perhaps with a Pathfinder hero.

Thank you for sharing.


Funnily enough, I did ask this question of Small Giant’s lead designer when I had the opportunity! :grin:


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