I’ve been playing this game for over a year and a half. This whole time I’ve been able to max 80 only 2 5* blue heroes? Anyone think this is ridiculous? Telescopes need to be included in drops more frequently!


Dude… i have been playing equally long and manage to get only 3 telescopes. Have 2 blue 5* that i can’t progrees. Drop rates are a joke.

Edit. Its actually 3 not 4 LOL


Telescopes are like unicorns and leprechauns they only exist in children’s books and on cereal boxes.

I’ve been playing just over 3 months. I’ve attained just enough mats to ascend 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 purple, and I’m 1 ring shy of red 5*… I still only have 3 telescopes and 3 extra darts… I’m sure it’s just the RNG but wth…


Ive been playing well over a year and have 14 scopes, but have never found a blue 5*…I don’t even have Kiril yet lol. I could field an army of Sonya’s and Grimms if I had wanted! But something I don’t think people consider is if they were common we wouldn’t care nearly as much about getting them or leveling 5s. It’s the scarcity of them that makes them valuable. I know at times it can be frustrating but ultimately it’s what I love about the game. Oh I have gotten 7 red 5s…to go with a whopping 8 rings so far in this game lol. At Least on that one the red I have fully ascended is Gravemaker :slight_smile:


playing for about 8 months. 3 telescopes total, and only Thorne (who I would not use ascension mats on).
Ive spent ~150.00 to boot…so 2 x 5 star Blues fully ascended is but a dream for me.


I started playing when Natalya was the HOTM (Jan or Feb I think) and I had no idea what this was.

Anyways, I have gotten 3 telescopes in that time, Isarnia sitting at 70. Have a couple other 5* blue (Richard and Thorne) but don’t think they would get the telescopes…


I started to play in january. Since then I´ve got 5 scopes.

Magni is 3.70
Arthur is 3.70
Misandra is soon 3.70

I want Aegir, so I need 19 more scopes. I also have Isarnia and Richard. I don´t think they never will be maxed.

Does anyone think that I have maxed Magni, Arthur and Misandra before the end of 2019? I don´t.


Playing since December, so far I’ve got 5 scopes, I’ll be very happy next week, when Frostmarch will appear. YAY. Scopes are just jinxed for me, I’ve got 19 darts, 15 rings, 11 tonics and 10 tabards.


Playing since Hel was a HOTM and only 4 telescopes 2, tabards, 4 rings 2 tonics, 5 rings. What baffles me more is I trap tool, 3 shields, 3 warm capes and 2 hidden blades! Actually the entire drop rate for ascen mats are ridiculus!


Edited my 4 rings to 5 rings. Sorry, was lost in my train of thought.