Telescopes get the shaft for seasonal events

Is there a disparity on 5* mats when it comes to seasonal events?
Halloween: Tabbards
Xmas: Rings
Spring: Tonic
Summer: Darts

Telescopes are shafted…and it’s the one mat I’m struggling to acquire. Are these made up somewhere else (monthly event maybe)?

I’ll trade you some for anything else, that’s all the damn game will give me. I’ve got 25.

I believe Christmas has both telescopes and rings.


I get more telescopes and tabards than anything else.

Problem is the mat I get the least by far is tomes.

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You might be correct…I definitely did remember rings. That’s vaguely familiar though that a scope is given too.

2019 Christmas Seasonal Event Rewards. Both Rings AND Telescope:

Source: 🎅 Santa's Challenge 2019: Teams, Strategy, FAQs, Discussion, and Links – Christmas Event
Credit: @Mariamne


Refer to @Guvnor chart.
Christmas is a 1 month long event (which is also twice longer than other 3 seasonal events), and drop 2 of 4* ascension materials.

I do expect that this year Christmas event may be expanded and become 30 stages per difficulty.

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Excellent, thanks for the confirmation!

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