TED Xtreme is now recruiting

Hey everyone, we are a group of veteran and experienced players with a new challenge for 2018 - start a brand new alliance and take it to the top from ground zero. Are you ready to challenge yourself and see how high you can fly? Then come, join us and be part of something epic. ALL players are welcome. It does not matter if you are a veteran or someone new to the game. As long as you are in it for the long term, want to progress and have fun in a challenging and competitive environment, this is the place for you.

Join “TED Xtreme”

Say hi to us on discord - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

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We still have plenty of open spots. Come over and say hi to us on discord - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

How will the alliance be managed? I would love to join, but only if there will be some standards about how often players participate. The alliance I am currently in keeps losing to beatable titans because only like 8 people regularly fight the titan.

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I just sent a request to join. I am still relatively new, so my trophy count looks low–but I got some really lucky pulls with heroes, they’re a very synergistic team, I deal a TON of damage with them, and I’m climbing quickly. I’ll be committed to every fight!

Hi @NittanyLionRoar, that was one of the reasons to branch off from the original Alliance. As we get to 8/9* Titans, we will monitor Titan hits to make sure everyone is active and gives more than just 1 hit on the Titans. We have a great team of experienced players whose goal is to take an Alliance to the top instead of joining an already established top Alliance.

Awesome, sounds exciting! I’m glad to work with everyone.

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Join us and be part of a fun, active and growing community.

Find your new home today - TED Xtreme

Come and be part of our fun, loving and growing community - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

We are still recruiting. Check us out in-game - TED Xtreme or say hi to us on discord - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

Good group, here. Warm welcome in their Discord. :slight_smile:

If you join, do you get free admission to all the TED talks?

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Unfortunately not, but you do get admission to all our alliance people talk. Which I think is more fun than TED talks anyways :slight_smile:

If you are stuck at 5/6/7* Titans and looking to move on to the next level with 8/9* Titans then stop looking and come on over to “TED Xtreme”.

We are also on dicord - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

We are still recruiting and have a few spots open. Check us out in-game TED Xtreme or say hi to us on Discord - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

If you’re frustrated, like I was, with the disorganization of random Alliances, come look here. The random alliances never seemed to be able to get past 6* titans. I decided I would take a chance to help TED Xtreme grow from 1* titans on up, even if it became too competitive of an alliance for me.

You know what? Its a great friendly place to grow and learn. I went from never seeing a 7* titan down, to seeing my first 8* go down smoothly. We could use some more players to work our way through the 9* and 10* titans.

If you’re tired of drama, or wondering why it seems your alliance can never kill those 6* titans, come visit with us on Discord, https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC, or message @ThunderStrikes.

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Hey everyone… spots are filling up fast. Only 5 spots left. We are taking down 8* Titans already.

Join TED Xtreme.

We still have 2 spots left. Join TED Xtreme.

Discord - https://discord.gg/cUgw4aC

I’d like to join your alliance, but are you also searching for players that are still developing their team? I’m currently at 2400 team strenght

Hi Mylira, yes we don’t mind newer players as long as you are active daily and making progress.

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