Technological stack used in E&P


Hi-hello there.

I am intersted in the technological stack used to build this game. :nerd: Currently I’m not in game dev, but I have always been fascinated by it, so getting to know the :sparkles: magic :sparkles: behind my favourite mobile game is a must for me. I think there may be others interested in the technical side aswell, so thats why I’m querying here - under General Discussion. Hope someone could do an in-depth introduction, but would be very thankful even for the list of technologies used.

Also I am enjoying this forum a lot. Is this a custom made or using some platform?

If any of the community members know anything feel free to enlighten us :slight_smile:

:crystal_ball: Summoning the potential aswerers: :crystal_ball:



I’m not sure if the man behind the curtain will reveal himself (his/her/their processes). Good luck though!


I can say that the forum runs on a platform! I at least know that answer! (sorry for the late reply, but I get distracted sometimes when I come into the forum…)

The other stuff is beyond me. :slight_smile: