Technicolor Minds (Casual, laid-back alliance, Titan slayers wanted, war optional)

A while ago some of you may have seen my posts about the alliance I was in not going anywhere any time soon, mostly taking 1.5 steps forward but 2 steps back (rocking between 3* and 4* Titans). With summer hitting in the Northern Hemisphere being a possible issue or perhaps the lack of interest all coinciding together. About half of my alliance went into inactive / dormant mode (this includes most of the leadership and a few up and comers that joined while I was there). I was going to wait until summer is over to see if things improve, but when queried in the alliance chatroom, it seemed some of the more active members were already thinking of leaving.

I was the only active Elder in the alliance, so while I still have the ability to accept/reject applicants, there is not much else I could do. So, taking some steps to try to keep lines of communication open with some of the more senior members of the alliance, after we finished the latest war and slayed the most recent Titan, I left the only alliance I’ve ever been with and started my own and leaving some bread crumbs for those willing to come to follow.

Technicolor Minds is the name of the alliance. There were some initial discussions about what to name the alliance. However, the word just spoke to me. And thus far, search only provided one result when queried Technicolor, and that is us.

You’ve guessed it, this is the spin off alliance made of semi veterans of the game. So it is a reboot for me in a sense. But most of us were not big fan of wars and what we got out of the experience when it was imposed on us (hey, inactive leadership means we have no way of telling him to opt out of wars, after that became a feature, of course).

Yes, I know most of you will suggest joining a stronger alliance, but most “stronger” alliances would’ve probably have limited space and I’ve grown to enjoy the dedication of the active players we had and will hate to see us split up, so the next best thing is to shell out the gems to start my own.

It is still my goal to see members to grow with this game and I anticipate we should see some new bloods when new contents become available. As of this writing, including myself there is 8 of us, all from my previous alliance, I am hoping to see some more will come, but would like to extend invitation to forum visitors here.

Name: Technicolor Minds
Trophy Requirement: 400
Currently opting out of Alliance Wars

We are a casual bunch where most of the stronger players are adults and play on a daily/casual basis and tend to stay fairly loyal. Some of us are chatty, some just puts in the work. But there is one common goal, we try to get stronger, hit and try to kill the Titans (the baby titan status is only temporary). The trophy requirement seemed fairly reasonable and attainable for most up and coming players. It is also there as a benchmark for those that have attained their raiding license, but decided to stay playing to see what advancing through the game is like. No harsh rules for missing Titans as we all have lives and days when we are busy. Just ask to keep the communications open as I believe that is key to games like this.

We have a Line group setup, look me up at my Line ID: shohoku79. My in-game name is Shuu, Squire of Dauros.

If this sounds like a place you would be interested in, drop us a line or apply in-game.


And as of this morning, 2 more joined our ranks… Both from our previous alliance. Very glad.

Still enough room for more.

Again, just to re-iterate, we are a new alliance formed from non-new players.

If you are a player who likes to be the silent warrior that just like to dish out damage to the Titans and help.

If you are a player that has never joined an alliance and wanted to try.

If you are a player that are patient enough to grow at a steady pace from what the game offers.

If you do not enjoy Alliance Wars for its current format

Technicolor Minds might be for you! Come look us up in-game or shoot us a message on Line.

I’m noting you as an alliance to refer anti-war players to. :slight_smile:

I had trouble with your line ID though. Can you repeat?

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Thank you madam.

We aren’t a group of people who don’t want to try new things, and we have been War participants ever since it got distributed outside of the top 100 alliances a few months ago.

It seemed interesting at first, but gradually those of us, at least those that spoke up do not find them enjoyable. Part of me, aside from now being the summer time, and the reasons stated in my original post, also thought wars may have driven some players into inactivity in my alliance.

Being just an Elder in the old alliance with inactive leadership up top and lack of communication outside the game was what finally prompted me to set out on my own (and I am glad I did because I was really close to lose some group of players that I enjoyed killing Titans with). The timing of the war opt-out feature could not have came at a better time.

I think the majority of our alliance members will agree that we will not be fighting for the top spots in the alliances any time soon. So if you (that is, anyone else reading the message) are ok with casual playing and only aggressive Titan slaying for the betterment of all, we are here for you.

@Rook My Line ID is: shohoku79
Shuu, Squire of Dauros is my in-game name
English speaking, 400 Trophy Requirement, active Titan slayers, currently opting out Alliance Wars.

You group might want to try war again in the future, as there are now three different flavors (Arrows—reduced!, Aid, and Boost).

In the meantime, if war is not for you, enjoy the Opt Out button. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!!

Perhaps in the future when AW is better fine tuned, we can decide as a group to see if we would do it again. Yes, we have tried all 3 flavors of Fanta since they were released.

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With these threads that discusses people posting their in-game resume of what they are looking for as well as alliances recruiting new members to join. A vast majority of these are for players or alliances used to or currently downing higher leveled Titans. It is amazing how any lower tiered alliances can manage to find any one willing to stop in because every new player are no doubt going to see how they can get into one of the top alliances.

But, our situation is still the same and I have to do my best to find any venues to recruit new members (the in-game global chat is no gouda), a post can be made and 2 minutes later it has already been removed from view by the sheer number of one line greeting posts that come in (some had nothing to do with recruitment, but who is really monitoring the in-game chats any way?)

At any rate, not going to sugar coat what kind of alliance we are. We are a reboot alliance that came from an existing alliance that had absentee leadership. We were previously downing 4* Titans with active members, and most of the ones that came along to the new digs are those active members. As of today, we are back up to our first 4* Titan and would probably hover around this at our current overall power level, that is, unless we get new active and contributing members in.

We currently have plenty of room and have a 400 trophy requirement, so it is definitely doable as long as you have been playing for a while and are pretty familiar of how the game works. Our leadership roles are made of a casual bunch, where we understand real life takes precedence over in-game life, and won’t be terribly strict if you miss some Titan hit, as long as you drop a line in game. You can be as chatty or not as you want, we also have an optional Line Group set up. If you have a question, just drop a line and it’ll likely get responded to. I think the one thing that sets us apart from some of these alliance recruitments is that we are currently opting out wars (or as @Rook have put it, Anti-War at the moment).

So if you are looking for an alliance that has steady pace, frustrated with how the Alliance Wars affected how you enjoy this game (or simply like the way alliances were pre-AW), give us a look.

Technicolor Minds

Alternatively, if you are in a leadership role within your alliance, and some of your members have openly expressed discontent with wars but you are not opting out wars and these members are probably going to end up leaving, you may want to also point them our way, if you think they are going to be good fits.

Come join Technicolor Minds to help downing 4* Titans because we are tired of killing 3* and want to get to our first 5*.

No Wars… Alliance is essentially E&P before Alliance Wars came along. Constant warring has you down? Want to take a chill pill and just enjoy united goal of bringing down Titans while having casual, laid back conversations amongst a group of respectful adults?

Technicolor Minds wants you and the low entry fee currently at just 400 trophies.

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Reboot Alliance wants to have up and comer members to join in on the Titan Hits and plenty of spaces left.

If you are or you know someone who is:

  • Disenchanted with Alliance Wars*
  • Would like to hit Titans and gain loots
  • Grow with Alliance
  • Strike up Conversation in game or out of game (Line Group is available, but not required)
  • Silent (but active) Titan hitter
  • Long Term Member
  • Although I should mention that while we are not participating in Wars now, we may look into it down the road if it improves, we get more members, and a consensus in desire to participate. Since we are only 1/3 full and also mostly dealing with 3* Titans and can get the occasional 4*, we actually are looking for more permanent/long-term members rather than mercenaries at this time.

Technicolor Minds - The only Technicolor named alliance in the game.

Techinicolor Minds <<< - Search Term

  • Active Titan Hitter
  • Regularly dispatching 3* Titans and would like to add 4* to the list.
  • 400 Trophy Requirement
  • Stay for the fight on Titans, resources to grow your heroes and roster, and comradery amongst members
  • Life comes first, open communication through in-game chat or optional Line Group is highly appreciated.
  • Alliance is not actively participating in the AW

Sounds like something you would like to sign up? Look for us in alliance search.

Technicolor Minds
In game: Shuu, Squire of Dauros
Line ID: shohoku79

Our numbers recently grew when we had players who specifically look to for no wars and just Titan slaying.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, because in-game alliance recruitment is very ineffective at the moment, most alliance recreuitments are advertising stronger Titans, we have an uncommon name, and us opting out Wars definitely made us a niche alliance. Older players are sticking around and Wars are just a part of the experience they learn to cope and deal with (which I can respect). Newer players probably haven’t tried the wars enough to make a determination on whether they like wars or not.

So, we still have enough spaces left. All we ask is for active Titan hitting (there is really no strict rules about being ‘active’ because we know real life issues is more important), we feel that if your “actions” in game can’t speak for yourself, communication in chat is key, and I think most of our current members understands that.

If you or you know some good players who fit this mold and don’t mind that we are a rebooting alliance currently hitting 3* and trying to work our way up, please come or send him/her our way.

Technicolor Minds

Our member count has swelled once again since a week ago.

We are doing much better against the 4* now because we have more active (and existing members growing stronger). If we are to get a few more active members, we should hopefully be eyeing 5* Titans.

We are:

Reboot Alliance
Laid Back
400 Cups
No Wars
Active Titan Hitters

We are Technicolor Minds Come on in for no pressure Titan hitting and hero growth!

Our numbers increased by 1 yesterday, and our newest member was just in time to help take down our first (This will probably be the 1st for most, if not all of our members, dating back to our old alliance)…. 5* Titan, and a Rare One at that (Thunder Unicorn). One of our members got 2 Scopes. Yay!

Although I am not certain how long we can sustain at our current tier since the Rare Titan went down the wire and a few members have to Flask a few to make it work. However, I think we are on the right track to move from the 3/4 range to the 4/5 range. That is a great milestone worth noting in my books.

But we don’t want to stop there. Join Technicolor Minds to help take down stronger, daily Titans and for your hero growth of course.

We are respectful, helpful, no drama, no alliance wars (opting out), and be as chatty (or not) as you wish. We believe actions in-game speaks for yourself and real life situations always take precedence over your in-game life. We would appreciate you drop a line if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. Totally ok (again IRL situation is top priority).

Techinicolor Minds
In-game: Shuu, Squire of Dauros
Line ID: shohoku79

Our number increased yet again. So means our niche alliance might still have some attractiveness. Or I guess somehow players find us out of the blue still who knows. But our most active new members came from reading the forums.

Still can down 4* Titans without much issues, but I suppose as summer is about to draw to a close, there are members who are a little different in terms of activeness. But we are still looking for more because we had do let our second Rare 5* go the other day due to lack of fire power (that Dragon Rooster sure is naughty! I wish Elemental Barriers can be depleted, I really do!)

No Wars (opting out)
400 cups
Titan slayers
Laid Back
Line Group exists but optional
Chatty (or not)
Long member preferred

Come join Technicolor Minds

Glass half empty or half full? Which school of thinking are you? Well, as a reboot alliance, I believe we are the latter as we’ve never had a full alliance. We recently had to cull our numbers a bit (not much), but our goal still has not changed. We are now half full, that’s right, 15/30 filled, in a game where alliance search function has gone weird and the number of gamers seem to have thinned out quite a bit, it’s been very tough to find members willing to join our cause from our original members of 10 (from our old alliance).

Those of you reading who might be reading this, and if you are from our old alliance, or those that have pledged yourself under our Technicolor Minds banner, I really appreciate you sticking around, I truly do.

As stated, we are casual, laid back reboot alliance that does not engage in the Alliance Wars feature and are just looking for Titan slaying, hero advancing, and general comradery amongst players. A top alliance, we are not and know we aren’t really competing for those bragging rights.

If you don’t want to be burdened or pressured by participating in the alliance wars and just enjoy the freedom of hitting Titans (with them hitting back, of course) with your fellow alliance mates, while advancing your heroes while helping us move onto stronger Titans for potentially better rewards, and general chatting of in-game topics, our small (and growing) alliance just might be a fit for you.

Name: Technicolor Minds
Myself: Shuu, Squire of Dauros
Line ID: shohoku79

So, with V.15 release of the game, introducing the individual opt-out option for the alliance wars, I’ve decided to open our alliance up for some of our newer members, who have not had taste of alliance wars before in sort of a “Don’t take our anti-warring words for it, see for yourself” type of approach and/or some of our members needing a stretch from relatively peaceful time of no wars.

So here is our alliance as it currently stands. We are still fighting 4* to 5* Titans, but some of our more veteran players have been inactive for personal reasons, so we’ve been slipping a bit back into the 3* to 4* Titans, but are trying to pick ourselves back up.

We are still looking for new players to join. However, rather than opting the alliance out of wars completely, I am giving each member to choose for themselves. So we would like for them to still help fight Titans as the primary objective, but not pressured into doing wars unless it is their choice to help get some extra loot and potentially fill their war chests, if they can get a victory. This appears to appeal to some of our older alliance members, because they seemed to have gotten some pretty nice loot from the most recent war (which we lost).

So, we are now a fight Titan first and alliance war optional alliance. If you just want to fight Titans but don’t want to be pressured into fighting wars and the autonomy to choose for yourself. Please consider giving us a look.

Technicolor Minds - A casual war-optional alliance… For now.

We are Technicolor Minds, a reboot alliance made up of veteran players and those that enjoy helping others in a cheerful, respectful environment. 400 Cups is all that is needed to join.

Active Titan hitting is primary objective, and we let in-game activities you do speak for yourself, but long term no activity without any form of communication is highly discouraged behavior (hence there is a Line Group setup, and joining is optional).

We are hitting 4* and 5* Titans and are always looking for players to join and stay without the pressure of having to spend so certain amount of flags on Titans or mandatory war participation. We only encourage that you do the best your time allows you to do but keep us in the know if you will be absent.

Technicolor Minds - No Pressure, respectful, growing, war optional Titan slayers needed.

Plenty of spaces left in Technicolor Minds / Hitting 4* and 5* Titans.

  • 400 Trophy Count Requirement
  • No pressure
  • No drama
  • Hero Growth
  • Respectful
  • Cheerful
  • Friendly
  • Daily Titan hits
  • Communicate about long term absences.
  • War Optional (Individual Opt-in or Opt-out - If you opted in, you might as well use your flags because your roster was used in the matchmaking. If you know you are going to be absent for a while, you might want to elect to opt out before your trip).

We’ve had our first successful merger of alliances this past month when @Landis and his group of Lone Hunters joined our ranks. Some of them may be new, but are resilient, dedicated contributors and willing to learn. Every small additional damage to the Titan can mean a lot. So we went from skating around 4* to 5* (killing all 4* and some 5*, but most escapes) to about 4* - 5*/6* (killing more 5* and working on killing our first 6*). So we generally get plenty of chances at Rare Titans, which do start at 5* and up. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate dedicated members, silent or not. You are what makes the alliance churn.

That being said, we are 17 members full now with 13 spaces left (isn’t math wonderful?) and are always looking for more to get us over the hump. Sure, our existing members can steadily grow on our own and eventually get more damage, but we still want you. There is still strength in numbers.

On the Alliance Wars front, our alliance has recently just filled our first War Chest - Mostly good loots from those that participated and reported in. If you have been following this thread or (TL:DR), we formed this alliance because we did not want to participate in Wars (more chores, abysmal rewards). But since the introduction of the Alliance opt-out and further the Individual Opt-outs. We’ve let the decision to participate in the war an optional decision for our members. Try it and see if you like it. You fight in them, you get rewarded when the chest fills (the system is fair in this regard). There is no pressure about flag usage, but if you opted in, please be ready to contribute (and thus far, it’s been working out pretty well, and our war happy alliance mates are doing quite well in their win some lose some campaigns). I don’t do wars, that’s because I don’t like Raids, but I am happy to serve as cheerleader or advisor.

So, to summarize our current status.

Technicolor Minds <---- Search Term

  • English speaking alliance
  • Hitting 4* to 5*/6* Titans
  • 400 Trophy Count Requirement
  • Casual, Laid back
  • No drama, no pressure
  • Respectful, Cheerful
  • Daily Titan Hits
  • Can be chatty or not
  • Communication about long term absences
  • Line App for outside communication available, but optional (shohoku79 is my Line ID)
  • Individual War Opt-In or Opt-Out - You fight, you get your share of War Chest, you don’t, the chest is empty for you. Simple.

If you are not into competitive game playing, and would like the freedom of going at your own pace of hero growth and war participation, please feel free to check us out or refer someone to us who might fit this mold.


Since the last post, we have filled 3 more spots. Yay! So, aside from the crickets chirping from the audience, why is this significant. There are way too many alliances in the Empires and Puzzles game, some of those are alive and active, some are not so active. Our alliance is just a blipping dot in the midst of heavy weight alliances and it is very challenging to find players to even find you, let alone finding one that would first bother to read the alliance description and or read your recruitment posts on the forum and join (for those of you that did read all my rantings here, thank you and bless your hearts).

Alliance recruitments will tell you what they are looking for, I will switch gears a bit tonight and kind of go the other direction and tell you what we are not looking for. Not really looking to be snarky or anything because we are not where near the top of the food chain, but just tossing it out there so if you are looking for something more, there are plenty of heavy set alliances available.

We are Not

  • a top 100, or even 10000 alliance. In fact our low, low 400 cup count requirement should’ve given you a clue. If your goal is to join the elites, the top echelons of E&P alliances, this we are not.
  • a competitive alliance. In fact far from it, we just play casually and let our real lives take priority. That’s why we made alliance wars optional
  • a strict alliance that enforces a strict policy of # of straight Titan misses = Boot. New players are too valuable because of the way the game has evolved, and we don’t put on the kicking boots often, as long as there is some communication.
  • an alliance that prefer mercs. Not that because we don’t like the help of slaying tough Titans in a pinch, but we prefer our members stay for the long term.
  • a high pressure alliance. We don’t require you to join war if you don’t want to, there is no bullying members allowed.
  • an alliance that requires you to use an outside app. Face it, in-game chat is not great and you can’t search by members let alone PM them to let them know you are looking for them. But Line is available, but optional.

Any way, we are now 20 members full, and our members are maintaining the casually active play style, we might occasionally flask it to kill a Titan we’ve not managed to kill before, but that’s it. This is not the fullest I’ve seen in an alliance I’ve been a part of. In fact, I believe my old alliance (which eventually disappeared in the search results) had 29/30 full at one point, but only 8-9 are actively playing, that’s not better than a smaller alliance of the same numbers but are all actively playing the game. So yes, this is the “fullest” alliance I’ve been a part of, and I am truly appreciative of that.

Technicolor Minds - Casual, laid back alliance that focuses on friendship and hero growth through Titan slaying. We moved from 3*/4* Titans since our start, to now 5*/6*. With your help, we just might move on to get stronger Titans and potentially better loots.

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