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I want to ask how it is with technical support. I’ve been exploring for two days where I could write a complaint but the one behind this game is so hiding that I can’t just discover it still sends me to some external website. But I want to write with real support! If someone were so good and sent me an email for some real and living support person I would be grateful. My problem is with the malfunction of my game account and the introduction of the game information and its paid services. well thank you

Instructions for contacting Support can be found here:

You can also find them on the Support website here:

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I don’t have anything there and it still refers to me here

Click on the Support button on the screen in your screenshot.

That’ll bring you to the Support site where you tap the icon with 3 lines like the instructions said to do:

That will open the menu with the link to Submit a request:

When you tap on that, it will bring you to the Support form to fill out, which looks like this:


Let me add that you always got to open a ticket before get connected to a person from support…no e-mail address to write directly to…


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