Tear down/convert more buildings

I think it would be nice if we could get the option to tear down or convert buldings.

Like now i think i have one forge to much and it would be nice if you could tear it down and replace it with a traningcamp that suit my need more now when i advanced more in the game.

Like in the beginning in the game i needed to get storage and get items to the fights etc, but now when i have what i need in that aspect i have other needs like one more traningcamp so i can lvl all the 4-5* heros i got

So yeah be able to tear down or convert a building and replace it with a building that is more useful to you at that time so we can be more flexible in the game in away.

The number of buildings is very tightly controlled, you can’t really end up with anything but near-identical results.

I have spare slots but all I can put in them is a spare food store.

I think the castle-builder element of the game is a bit of an illusion really. I’m not complaining, it’s just a very limited aspect of the program.


The only real choice is which building to convert to a barracks.

I have ruined into this problem as well and it prevents me from progressing because I have too many farms. I’m stuck at lvl 7 on my base until I can gain enough iron. If you cannot tear it down or convert it, can we at least combine what we have leveled on the base (i.e. lvl 4 farm + lvl 3 farm to make it a lvl 7 farm?) Thanks for your help!!!

You have no more or less farms than anyone else has at lvl 7, the amounts you can build are fixed.

Then can you at least expand the map to provide another food storage? I am preventing myself from upgrading my farms because I dont have enough storage. The volume of what is being produced is not equivalent to the amount of what can be stored, so this means that you have to refrain from moving up because there is no place to put it and no more to be gained. You miss out on the possibility of receiving more supply.

You can’t go wrong with the building route because it is so tightly controlled. There are temporary bottle-necks but don’t panic.

Upgrading the stronghold gives you more room but the number of each building you can build is also controlled.

If your storage is full, that’s fine.

Keep farming early levels, training heroes and making items.

There are frequent pauses in base development to build more storage and upgrade the stronghold.

The build time keeps increasing too - stronghold 20 takes a week.

The game isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And just for clarity - don’t stress about your base. Systematically upgrade each element. SG have designed it so you can’t do it wrong!

Gotnit. Thank you, this helps tremendously!

I can’t understand why for esch block build on we are limited to what we can build, we should be able to decide which building we want ourselves fro. A choice of every building available.
This could be done from say level 6 or 10. Everyone’s needs are different and everyobe sees the same thing differently suvh as one of the reason for forums, building your own fort should be each to thier own.

As for converting a building truely as your needing food/iron it just adds another large number on the already humungous food/iron needed not to mention the time it takes each one so if a player wants to change a lesser usef building for a one they feel they msy need more then where is the problem in letting them be able to do that.

If converting is to difficult to implement them hiw about selling buildings for gems in your store then once purchased it could stay stored in/on say a seprate tab within inventory and swspped with any building of there choice and the swapped building would then move into that inventory panel stored for a later date. This way plsyers might have a number of buildings on standby to use at thier own leasure all purchased using gems.

If your not converting a forge to a baracks your doing it wrong

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