Teams that join an alliance with a shill account to get an advantage in alliance wars

I have an alliance (open invitation) that is kind of a place for newer players trying to get a start and get help with titans and alliance wars without someone breathing down their neck. I have noticed in the last few months during alliance wars once we are matched against a team that I will get a new player who joins after the matchmaking and leaves very quickly afterward before we can see the teams we will be facing. This has happened a several times. . I suspect “shill” accounts that actually belong to someone on the other team are spying to gain an extra edge. Since this would give them a big advantage that we do not get (since we have actual newer players and are not trying to sandbag our stats ) I would have to change my alliance to invite only during the war phase. It may not be against the rules but, it really sucks. I shouln’t have to do this.

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