Teams for Muggy 🤣

I wonder what could be the most ugly and annoying teams built around Muggy.

Version 1, the resurrecting, hiding and making a fight last hours team (healer instead of Agwe of course, but had to put him in, he is too ugly :joy:):

Any ideas for him?


Oh i like this challenge!

I can think of many more like:

Alby, Muggy, Mother North, Atomos and diana (with many emblems)

Oh, and … Muggy main BTW! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Got to add Evelyn in there

Evelyn / Muggy / Muggy / Muggy / Mother North

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I have not used a Muggy yet but I am not going into a fight without the ability to power up my troops. I chose them for each specific role thy play and each gives you an advantage. I understand the thought of jus overwhelming you opponent. But I as just one individual I prefer to stay away from shock and awe.

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