Teams for Knights of Avalon 🦊

Managed to complete Epic and Legendary, surprisingly comfortably. Mostly same team for both events.

Epic - Wu 4/58, Caedmon + 8, Gormek 4/42, Kelile +6, Sabina +7 … did this one first and due to fear bombed them pretty hard with bombs, axes & arrows. Finished with 4 alive heros at nearly full health.

Legendary - Wu 4/58, Caedmon + 8, Onatel 3/50, Gormek 4/42, Sabina +7 … used 5 bombs, 5 health pots, 1 mana pot and 1 revive scroll (would have been fine without, just to be safe)

Rare - have a decent set of 5 hero’s, but with no healers, don’t think i’ll bother trying to complete due to the materials requried. The completion rewards just aren’t enticing enough.

Edit: did epic final stage again and completed with no items used :slight_smile:


I’m struggling at the last level of legendary, maybe I go back to massive defense and carpet bombing. Didn’t work with 3 greens or 3 reds…I don’t have a red healer, BT would be nice. So I’m switching between Melendor, Kashhrek, Caedmon, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Queen, Cyprian, Wu Kong and Chao and hopefully find a combination, that works. Maybe I should try Kiril…
My main problem is Morgan. Rest should be easy to handle…already killed Artus.

Want to improve, but can’t find this picture of the mobs and bosses. Searched half an hour now. :roll_eyes:

Maybe someone knows. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean this one?

I used Wu Kong, Wilbur and BT for each stage (epic and legendary) and added in the other colours as needed.

My one profile with Proteus had an easier time but I didn’t have any real trouble completing the quest.


Yeah :star_struck: :sunglasses:

Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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I found it here … you may want to bookmark it!


Yeah finally I managed the last stage of legendary :blush:

My Team wasn’t maxed with only 3k TP, as I said, Morgan was my biggest problem. This time I managed to shoot her out with 3 reds soon (Wilbur, Falcon and some red tiles are a miracle) and the rest was easy then. Arthur is easy to kill with some greens, but that’s no use because of Morgan.

Items: Bombs, Axes, Mana and Healing


Wu+5, Rigard+8, Wilbur+1, Gormek+6 and Caedmon+5.
Items ; time stop, mana pots, bomb and life pots.
kill Morgan before Guin and Arthur.


Legendary tier Stage 10 took forever ( 13 minutes) but Cleric Hansel 4*+1, Sorcerer Sabina 4*+9, Wizard Proteus 4*+9, Fighter Boldtusk 4*+9, Cleric Rigard 4*+10 only used 2x 2* Health potion, 5x 1* mana potion, 1x 2* mana potion and 2x 1* Arrow attack to win stage 10.

Really missed my blue Perseus 5* 3.70 against Morgan.

On Legendary accidental killed Morgan before Guinevere. On Epic took out Guinevere then Morgan.

No more battle items, that’s it, 2:50 to go in rare, master lepus already sweating heavy :sob::rofl:


GL. I’m in top 100,000. Maybe some day will make top 50,000.

Avalon is over. IMHO the color reflection event with the best heroes overall. There will always be people aiming for Camelot’s squad. See you in October again.

Did you hold the 100 spot?

Unfortunately not, 112-278-3544 are my ranks, still best I ever reached! Next time :grinning:


If nothing changes in terms of elements of opponents, these will be my main armies for Avalon this time :slightly_smiling_face:

Not bad, compared to the ones I had 4 months ago :grinning:


Rare and legendary team still working on a few for epic





(Or is red the reflected color?)


Good luck to you all!


blue is reflected :slight_smile: You’re good.

Wow, your legendary team sieht richtig gut aus :blush:

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