Teams for Knights of Avalon 🦊

Looking forward to event, first time I have nearly leveled up teams that fit, legendary just for completion of course. Any ideas and opinion, have high hopes for rare and epic! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have replacements for certain stages of course!


When do you expect it to begin?

Tomorrow it should start, saved 10we flasks too! :grinning:


I’ve asked this before on forum and not gotten a response, why the single color teams for these kinds of events? Noticed the same thing with the winning teams on the Teltoc event, but don’t understand the dynamics.

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Scores are mostly based off of time to clear stages. With a single color, you can restart until you get a crazy good board, and clear the whole stage with items and the starting board without interruption.


So you save your mana attacks for last stage of each level on the big bads? I guess I need to try it each way, and see how this works, Clearly it DOES work, or all the winners of these events wouldn’t be doing this…

Finished rare with my only maxed rare rainbow. First time beating rare for me.

Didn’t need many items, only some mana, arrows and axes for the last two stages.




Puh, already had my first Aspirin :smile:


Wu & Proteus make it so easy…

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Rare done…

For stage with enemy green:

For stage with enemy purple:

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LOL almost the same idea here :smiley:


A very defensive red team was in no danger in the final battle.


Which team did you end up going with to get ranked so high?

My Legendary team:

Good enough for 88k on the final stage. The ground is covered in King Arthur’s blood:

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I’m just about completing legendary, I can’t hope for good score lacking dragon attacks and using all bombs for epic, so I use a similar team, with red hood it’s always smooth :slight_smile:


Still 17th on rare. :sunglasses:

Hoping for you keeping top :100:

Just finished all tiers above 5000. No tonics, but nevertheless cool loot.


Going down fast, 21 rare, 95 epic, legendary stage 9. if I stay in top 100 rare that would be my best rank by far, I think I won’t improve on epic due to being out of bombs, but will try to stay near top 100 there too with some lucky boards, :slightly_smiling_face:

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Managed to complete Epic and Legendary, surprisingly comfortably. Mostly same team for both events.

Epic - Wu 4/58, Caedmon + 8, Gormek 4/42, Kelile +6, Sabina +7 … did this one first and due to fear bombed them pretty hard with bombs, axes & arrows. Finished with 4 alive heros at nearly full health.

Legendary - Wu 4/58, Caedmon + 8, Onatel 3/50, Gormek 4/42, Sabina +7 … used 5 bombs, 5 health pots, 1 mana pot and 1 revive scroll (would have been fine without, just to be safe)

Rare - have a decent set of 5 hero’s, but with no healers, don’t think i’ll bother trying to complete due to the materials requried. The completion rewards just aren’t enticing enough.

Edit: did epic final stage again and completed with no items used :slight_smile:


I’m struggling at the last level of legendary, maybe I go back to massive defense and carpet bombing. Didn’t work with 3 greens or 3 reds…I don’t have a red healer, BT would be nice. So I’m switching between Melendor, Kashhrek, Caedmon, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Queen, Cyprian, Wu Kong and Chao and hopefully find a combination, that works. Maybe I should try Kiril…
My main problem is Morgan. Rest should be easy to handle…already killed Artus.

Want to improve, but can’t find this picture of the mobs and bosses. Searched half an hour now. :roll_eyes:

Maybe someone knows. :slightly_smiling_face:

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