Teams and items really basic questions

I don’t understand the following…
It says “defensive team” implying you can also have an offensive team. For the life of me I can’t see how

What use are ascension materials and ingredients?

I have more but let’s start hereby

Your defense team will be the team the people face when you are raided. Usually for the first bit getting into the game your offense and defense team will be the same. As you progress this will not be the case.

The ingredients are for crafting items in the forge.

The ascension materials are used for leveling heros from ascension to ascension.

3* level 30, level 40, level 50
4* level 40, level 50, level 60, level 70
5* level 50, level 60, level 70, level 80

On the hero card if you click ascend you can see what items are needed for ascension to ascend the hero to the next tier.

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You mean the well detailed and very informative tutorial didnt cover this stuff? Lol devs definitely need to overhaul it. But feel free to ask any questions here and players will answer them the best they can.

Looks like your first questions have been answered so i have nothing else to add.

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Defense Team:

You only need to watch like the first couple minutes to get your question answered

Ascension items are the items needed to get heroes up to the next teir. Remember how they showed you how to ascend Sharan in the tutorial? Its like thar. The items needed to get epic and legendary heroes to their highest teirs are much rarer and are unobtainable from playing the provinces in the map

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