Teams 6 & 7

I think it would be useful to add team 6 and 7 for organisational purposes

I agree. Since the alliance wars allow for only 6 setups, please allow for a minimum of 6 troop team setup. 8 or 10 would be even better!

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I am likewise on board for a 6th team, because of alliance wars. As it stands, I can have 5 teams of varying quality… and a team of scrubs that I summoned during the war, since there’s no real way to preserve them for the next one.

A 6th team would let me start building those scrubs into another team of varying quality

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Why don’t you just lock as favorites the ones you want to keep? You’re allowed to keep heroes even if they aren’t assigned to a team

It’s a useful hack, but it doesn’t keep your favorites as clearly organized and separated as a team would. Favorited heroes are intermixed with non-favorited heroes, making a glance less convenient for telling what you have. Since there’s now an explicit gameplay feature that requires 6 teams, allowing 6 teams is helpful.

Today you can define 5 teams, with the same hero on multiple teams. This is useful for Map, Titan, & Raids. However, it is totally not suitable for WAR, which limits each Hero to only 1 Attack team.

I would like to see 6 additional teams specifically for War so that the teams could be pre-set and easily selected from when performing a War Attack, and the same hero is restricted to 1 War team.

Why would you want preset attack teams? You have no clue what your opponent looks like during the prep phase. You should be customizing each attack team for the opposing team you’re facing.

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I’m sure you meant no harm when you said “you should”. However, that isn’t how I play.

I pre-set all 6 WAR teams according to my requirements: Must have Healer, then even distribution of Attack speeds & Buffs.

During the WAR, I select the best pre-set team for the Enemy I’m facing. This method means I never have a bad team for the final attacks.

You know all in all I can’t see why there is so much issue for SG to limit team blocks to users as the game is designed towards having teams and the amount of teams a player has makes no difference or changes to the way the game is played.

Here is my point of view on this and an option as to how it should be set up.

  1. you be able to create as many teams as you like by having say like a button/option after the last team to set another team making this button limitless.

You’ll find players only use so many but every player will be different.

  1. Below each team set/block should be an option like for the defense team where maybe like a dropdown box for example could be used with options as to what you want this team to be used for, for example
    A) defense
    B) AW - Team 1, AW- T 2 etc
    C) Green titan, blue titan etc
    D) RAIDS, and you could have the option here for say different options
    E) Rare Only team, epic only etc

You get the idea of what I am saying here.

The other option I would include is that when a hero is placed in a team box it is removed from the overall main display freeing up room for more trained heros for leveling or storage. But having said that it eould also mean each hero can only be used in a single/1 team at any one time.
This would make good use of doubles and also incease leveling ascension items needs to a whole new level.

This option would have a few benefits like encouraging players to keep more heros meaning more leveling required meaning more playing required etc etc.

There is no reason why this can’t be acceptable in the game as it makes no sense to limit teams to start with.

I do not think there is a need for unlimited teams but would like to see some additions/changes.

1 - Defense team - only used for defense & is not used as the default attack team for campaigns, titans or raids
2-7 - Six attack teams - the first one is used for campaigns and raids and they can all be used in wars
8 - Titan attack ream - can easily be reconfigured each time for the titan you are currently facimg
9 - Low level event team - used for 3 star heroes for the lowest level of events

Could also add 2 more event teams for each of the higher level event tiers

Making them unlimited would leave it to the players discretion that’s all, but it wss only an example of an idea andcwhat could be done if they wanted too with it affecting the game and the way it’s played.

I’d like to be able to name teams

“Titan Team” where it’s my usual set where I can change one or two out.

“War Defense” the team I usually use for defense in wars.

etc etc. Would just make it quicker and easier to flick between the teams you want to use without checking every hero you have to determine what team you will use.

Not a massive change but would look better than “Team one, Team two” and so on.

Maybe even have names for battle item sets. You’ll generally use different items vs titans than in the story mode so a quick change of set instead of changing items individually would be good

I have suggested that before, it mskes sense to be able to do that.

Please developers add two more teams set up to the heroes selection screan, I really apreciate ha ving my six war teams ready and an aditional one for Titans. Please…

Please please please make the amount of teams pre settable to 10 not 5 ty

10 teams would be ideal: 6 for wars, raid defense, raid offense, titans, and one for farming and experimenting with new heroes and strategies.

I vote to combine the ideas of both the average Joe and the ruling class. 10 teams with the ability to name each one sounds just about perfect to me :slight_smile:


Version 16, in beta now, includes purchasing extra team slots for modest but increasing :gem: amounts. The current max is 15 slots total. Better yet, all teams can be named, so instead of “Team 1” … “Team 5” you can name them anything at all, e.g. “In training” “Green titans” “Farm team” etc.


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