Teammate needs help. Who to ascend

Current team and reds. Which red should he ascend?

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Assuming has the mats to take any up to max level (including Marj?)

I would probably cast my vote for finishing Boldtusk to 4-70, seeing as the mats have already been spent.

Then I would vote for maxing Marjana before either JF or Khagan.


Yeah he’s got the mats for the 5s. He’s stuck between jean, marjana or khagan

I like and use JF and Marjana a lot. Khagan would be well behind them. If he’s loaded with snipers, go for Jean. He has a lot of useful skill and once you get used to him he’s invaluable. Especially turning a defense down hit into up defense for your whole team.



Thanks for the feedback. Both you guys.

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JF, he is a fantastic counter to Finley, has a great elemental link, and if you can get him to go off just twice in a battle (at fast it’s more than likely) then the match is basically yours

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My alliance mates told me that taking a 5* from 4-1 to 4-80 is the same amount of xp or feeders to take a 4* all the way.

That blew my mind. Maxing a 5* is the cost of maxing two 4*. So I’ve finally switched to my 4* to build up my 30 hero war bench.

That said finish BT.

For Marj or JF, I chose JF because I got him in feb and took him up to 3-70 and just got Marj this month.

I need red snipers but I chose the more efficient route and went w JF. Also, I may be in the minority here, but I’m a DOT minion type of player. I like snipers but I’m not particularly excited about them. So I went w JF.

I think my best advice is build up depth if you don’t have it (BT) and then choose the hero JF, Marj, Kagan that you enjoy playing the most because you’ll be the one using him or her.

All great choices you can’t go wrong either way!

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I would say definitley consider Marjana simply because shes a strong (single)damage dealer with a costume being released in a few short weeks. I would wait to see if I could pull her costume if not then I would max JF.

In my honest opinion you should max out both Marjana and Jean-Francois when you have the mats.
However, focus on Marjana first 100%
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I will do Marjana first.

Finish Boldtusk first. In the mean time, there are 3 possible summons (Avalon for Black Knight, ninja for Garnet, Costume for Marj) in which your friend can get better 5* reds. If he does not get anything new until then, Marj or JF depending on emblem availability.

i’d prefer khagan. he’s more versatile

Yeah if you don’t have the roster then definitley focus on 4* first.

But if you do have the roster and are focusing on 5* heroes, I think JF has more usefulness than Marjana. Marjana is not a strong enough sniper (compared to other snipers) for me to think she should be valued over JF. I would focus my rings for JF and then focus my other 4* mats on a sniper in another color if you have them. Lianna, Joon, Sartana, and Magni all hit much harder than Marjana does.

With emblems, JF can reach around 450-500 DoT damage to every single enemy. That’s huge. At fast speed, you should be able to use his special twice and it’s game over. Two uses of Marjana’s special and you may not even kill off one hero. Plus, JF can be excellently paired with Killhare, is a fantastic counter to Finley, provides extra support with blue defense up and resistance to defense down heroes, has better stats, and has a very helpful elemental link when stacking heroes.

I firmly believe if the option is between JF and Marjana, that JF is the better choice to go. Marjana does have some solid durability, but I’d rather let JF be your maxed support/DoT hero for your first maxed red 5* and save your first maxed 5* sniper role to a different color

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Sorry to take it slightly off topic but related. I’m on final ascension now w JF but he has wizard emblem competition w my alfrike who’s plus 10 and she’s my raid and war tank. Should I keep it on alfrike or redistribute between the two?

Always emblem your war tank first, to at least 18 and more if the extra nodes are useful

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