Team "You Just Can't Fire Your Special"?

I was just wondering if anyone has tried a team setup that completely (or almost) blocks enemies from firing specials. For example:


Surely they are going to be annoying AF!

There are at least two significant problems with the lineup you suggest:

  1. It strongly rewards the attacker for using a 3/2 red and yellow stack. The tile damage being strong against so many heroes would more than offset the impeded specials.

  2. Although it is cool, there is actually very poor synergy in that defensive lineup. Part of Hansel and Gretel’s skills rely on the heroes mana filling up. Hel and Proteus both ensure that doesn’t happen.

Ultimately, this team goes too far in mana control at the great cost of defense, synergy, and healing. A better defense would look to do a number of those things well instead of doing one and only one thing amazingly.


Great analysis! Yea, I think this is more of a “fun” setup than a functional one.

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