Team War standing

Just a little idea I had of having the teams war standing (wins - losses) somewhere in the team stats. There could be one for overall standing or even one for the last 20 wars or so.

Would be cool to have

Though i think if teams wanted that kind of info to be available publicly, they could publish it in their alliance descriptions so not sure devs will see it as a necessary project

there have been many requests for war statistics. I would love more stats.

Empires & Puzzles: We have no QOL.


I just want a leaderboard for starters.

Everything needed to do it is already there as far as alliance rankings, war scores, leaderboard tabs, etc

Not even close to a big stretch…yet here we are still waiting…


Remaining flags, short numbers on teams and alliance banners.

Points per flag under alliance banners.

Points per flag to catch up between the alliance banners.

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