Team to beat Frostmarch?

So I just got my first 5*, Misandra, and am really happy about that. :slight_smile:
I only have two telescopes though, so I figure a reliable way to fully ascend her is to be able to beat the final stage of Frostmarch (several times).

However, I’m far from being able to do that. I’d like to focus on the long term on leveling up an appropriate team, and would appreciate advice on which heroes that would be.

My 4/5* heroes currently are:
Green: Kashrek (2/48), Melendor (2/35), Gadeirus (2/1)
Blue: Misandra (2/9)
Yellow: Li Xiu (3/60), Hu Tao (2/40)
Purple: Sabina (3/54), Rigard (2/39), Cyprian (1/29)
Red (though I guess I won’t be bringing in red): Kelile (3/41), Boldtusk (two of them, one at 3/50, the other 1/1).

I’d also like some advice on which items to bring. I’m willing to burn a lot of items to beat this stage.
My forge is currently level 13, should I upgrade it to produce more useful items? I’ve never used a revive scroll, would it be useful here?

Thanks in advance for any advice! :slight_smile:

Mel, cyprian, Li, Gad, Hu Tao would be my suggestion.

Bring mana pots to make sure heroes fire at ideal times.

You can take alot of offensive battle items, dragon attacks+bombs etc , and loose alot of boss hp that way.

Or you can go defensive, turtle banner + axe at the same time makes a big difference.

Try to get through the waves with as few battle items as possible, and on the last wave before the bosses try to charge up your heroes by ghosting (playing the board where the tiles don’t hit any enemies) And try to have a good board prepared (in this case yellow or green diamonds = excellent)

Try to time hits well (hu and cyprian as soon as possible, li after your first turn, when they have some mana, rather than straight off the bat when they have none)


Would be cool knowing their actual level, as opinions can change based on that.

As it stands i would say Rigard - Gadeirus - Kashrek - Cyprian - Melendor.

Yes, totally defensive and rely solely on tiles and riposte.


Your 3 greens + Rigard + Cyprian

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I remember when I got stuck on the bosses of the last level of the last Christmas event.

Did you know that using a full set of arrows, axes, bombs and dragons will darn near kill any boss?

Do as people have suggested. Use a defensive team, go into boss level with specials charged, and a good board if you can. Good habit to get into. But I’d strongly advise you to rely heavily on battle items until your heroes are much stronger.

Grats on pulling Missandra! I got Posiedon which I am happy with.


I’ve edited my first post to add the levels of my heroes, which is as above.
I did not include it initially because they are not very leveled so it will be a long time job and I thought initial level did not matter.

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Thanks for the tip! Dragon attacks seem awesome and I have only 1. I’ll level up my forge to produce more. :slight_smile:

Poseidon seems great, congrats!


Thanks everyone for your answers. I’ll try to level up the heroes you suggested before the next Frostmarch. BTW I don’t suppose it matters but I just pulled a secodn Cyprian from TC20.

I’ll report here when I win the quest, but be prepared to wait some months! :stuck_out_tongue:


With healing and riposte I managed the bosses very early (even in events), but beware, those fights are loooooooooooong…


Haha, thanks for the warning! Not a fight to attempt during a quick break at work then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats on pulling Misandra, and also good job being so patient with leveling her up!

A lot of good suggestions here… if you want a more aggressive/offensive approach, I would also suggest a 3/2 stack with your Greens and Yellows:
Hu Tao - Kashrrek - Melendor - Gadeirus - Li Xiu

Your 3 Greens give a lot of healing support already, Hu and Li both have good effects that will make the boss easier to handle; and both are AOEs so will help against the mobs/normal enemies a lot.

Melendor has great attack and tile damage, so goes beside Gadeirus. Kash and Gad on flanks to get the most use out of their skills. Li beside Gad, because she is average mana compared to Hu, so she will fire off her skill more often.

Bring antidotes to cleanse the defense debuff of the bosses (this substitutes for Rigard’s cleanse); bomb attacks / ax attacks to reduce enemy attack and stay alive; and mana potions in case you urgently need to heal (use on Melendor and then heal with his skill, more effective than using healing potions).

Note: I don’t suggest this if you plan to use items to kill the bosses; if so, better to bring many healers, use them to stay alive until the boss stage, and then murder the boss with Arrows, Axes, Bombs and Dragons!


A 3-2 green and holy sounds like the best way to go. @chlo is your forge high enough to make super antidotes? If so I would consider bringing those as they heal 150 hp for everyone in addition to ailment cleanse.

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I’m seriously doubting you would survive with your heroes at the levels they are at without going full onslaught with battle items. Get your forge/s leveled up and load up on items. Rely on your healers mainly to survive and unload everything on the bosses. Have everyone charged going into the boss stage, of course, and do whatcha gotta do to get those mats. You really need to level your heroes and you need the mats to do it. Considering you will be receiving other heroes as time goes on, I suggest the same strategy on every challenge so you can stock up some on mats you don’t yet need so you’re ready for when you do. [edited by Rook] You can’t complete those challenges (or Trials, or seasonal events, or season 2, etc) without leveled heroes so whatever it takes. Battle items are your best bet for now.

I gotta ask @Rook, #1 why did that need to be ‘approved’? I’ve never seen that b4. And #2, what edit did you make? I don’t recall my exact wording I initially used so…did I say something bad or rude or…? I certainly didn’t intend to!

No one mentions Proteus? He is indispensable kn Special events??

Apolgies, noticed now you dont have Proteus

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Frostmarch only comes around once every 14 weeks or so, and you can only complete each stage one time. That’ll be a very long wait for scope (sorry!). You can pull from from other rewards too, hopefully.

You’ll also need 8 warm capes long the way, and it may make sense for you to use 4 of them to get a blue 4* fully ascended - that will make getting the rest easier.

I do recommend picking one rainbow team, and focus only on leveling them as much as possible. Waiting on mats for heroes is painful, but if you’re patient, you’ll have a great roster. Getting one group to 3^60 is a great start.


The system apparently has words it doesn’t like (such as “cheating” which is usually used as an accusation, and therefore not okay to use).

I can only speak for myself, but i assume its the same for others: If 99.9999% of a post is fine, but one word causes the hang up, i’ll excise that word (or phrase), rather than block the whole post (which would be silly). :grin:

Back to topic! :slight_smile:


Thank you all for the detailed answers!

I know I probably won’t be able to beat the stage with my heroes at the levels they’re at, which is why I wanna set a long term goal of leveling up an appropriate team. But I will try the healers/items strategy next time the quest comes around, so I will also work on upgrading my farm and craft the appropriate items.
(and I know it will be very long to get the telescopes in this way but since it’s the only way to reliably get them I want to be sure not to miss an opportunity).


@chlo What is your orb of magic count at? I was gonna say if you got the mats and food, take Li Xiu to 4th tier.

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