Team Ten is Recruiting

Team Ten currently has openings on our roster for players looking to elevate their game and help us take down some higher level Titans and War opponents.

We realize that not every player has multiple fully-ascended 5-star heroes or a desire to drop lots of money, if any, into the game. That’s okay. All we ask is that Team Ten members actively participate (3 days of no action may result in being kicked), have a desire to progress in the game, and help against Titans and Wars.

Team Ten is a pretty casual alliance with a low Trophy count requirement. We are currently hitting 6 and 7-star Titans. Are you the one we are looking for? Search for us and check us out.

Also looking to merge with ~10 member alliance.
Thanks for reading.

Hi there, I come from Revenant Flock a newly formed alliance of 8 players from an older alliance. We’re all regular players and it seems as if our alliance ideaology is the same as yours.

Trying to fill an alliance with recruits is proving difficult, but a merge, well that’s something that might work for us.

Are you guys still looking to merge?

@Biege.Panther thanks for reaching out. Yes, we are still looking for a merge. I am team captain for Team Ten and @4est is my coleader. I let 4est know u reached out…We are at 15 members now and looking to grow. Our team is very easy going group with low drama. We can chat more tomorrow…

Cool man, I’m having a chat with my guys/girls to see what they think.

@Biege.Panther also if you have any questions or thoughts I do have the line app


Feel free to chat that way as well

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