Team Ten: Dedicated Players like you Wanted!

Team Ten is an active alliance looking for enthusiastic players that like to win! Want to be part of an alliance that values its players and gets the job done? Join Team Ten today!


Team Ten is a close knit group with many long time members who enjoy the game and are willing to share knowledge to help the team advance. We are looking for players of all levels that want to participate and grow.


-Assist the team by attacking Titans when you log in.

-If you check participate in wars, we do ask you use all your attacks and adhere to our posted strategy.

-3 days of inactivity or 3 missed Titans in a row may result in being removed.

-Communicate in game or Line and uncheck war participation if you will be away and/or otherwise unable to fulfill your commitments.

-1000 trophy requirement/Open group.


-Worldwide. Our alliance consists of English speaking players from across the globe.

-We are taking down 9* titans regularly

-Our players range from Level 20 to Level 71.

-We have a diverse group of pay-to-play, cheap-to-play and free-to-play players.

-Independent alliance that is supportive of each other and enjoys the game.

-No drama :sunglasses:

-We expect participation, but we are also real people that work, have families and understand that life outside the game happens.

-We have and highly encourage using our group LINE chat but LINE is NOT REQUIRED.


If you have questions, contact the leader of Team Ten on Line. NCArcticwolf

Or join Team Ten and get your game on!

Fresh off back to back war victories, give Team Ten a look :sunglasses:

Another war victory…give Team Ten a look if you are looking for a fun group to be a part of.

4 war victories in a row!!! Are u looking for a fun Alliance to belong to? Give Team Ten a look :sunglasses:

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