Team suggestions. Who to max?

I could use some advice regarding my heroes. What would be the best Defence team with the heroes I have? And opinion on a good attacking team are welcome as well.

Imagine that they are all maxed and ignore their current levels. They will all be maxed out eventually. And since I am not puttning money into the game new heroes are not something I get regularly.


  • Finish wu, you will probably need him for titans also good for events and sometimes useful in tournaments.
  • After that probably mist, she is great for raiding and tournaments
    Then if you have the darts vivi, seems she is your only 5 healer. If you have the darts now probably before mist


  • Finish proteus, one of the overall best 4* heroes
  • rigard c next
  • maybe chakkoszrot


  • finish buddy, he is almost done
  • Then either lianna if you have the mats or maybe kashrek c, but would prefer lianna


  • Don’t you have any 4*? Kiril, grimm, sonja would all be preferable, especially as it seems your 5* are stuck at 3.70
  • from the 5* are probably all worth the mats, I would do Richard c first, but you could also do magni or maybe aegir. Isa is probably a little bit weaker, but she’s good for titans and great in rush


  • if you don’t have the mats for 5* Finish colen first. Again no other 4* heroes available?
  • from the 5* probably zimkita before kong and after that the S1 heroes

But the real question is, don’t you have some 3* heroes? You are missing tons of loot from events and tournaments, and I think I don’t want to know how long it took you to lvl your 5* that far without the support from 3* teams :see_no_evil:.


Disregard the fact that they are stuck at certain levels. Imagine them all maxed. =)

I would use a double formation with costumed rigard and Aegir in the front row and Lianna, Elena and Joon in second row.

But you have to do a lot of leveling…

Happy gaming

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What should that help? Do you want an honest opinion about this rooster?

Asking for a better defense is like asking for a more powerful car engine when 3 of the 4 tires are missing, the gear is broken and the air condition only heats during summer. Yes you will have more power but the car won’t drive.

The same here using a better defense won’t do you any good. A good defense is worthless and gain you nothing if you can’t raid on offense at that lvl.

You are missing elemental parts in your rooster.

You don’t have 3* heroes, you can’t participate in 1/3rd of tournaments and challenge events loosing a lot of loot.

You don’t have a broad variety of 4* heroes, so I’m not sure if you can finish epic challenge events or not, but for tournaments that’s probably not enough.

You have maybe if we count very friendly 3 teams for a war, from how far some 5* are lvled I’m guessing you are playing some time, so you should be able to have more than 3 teams for a war. Again you are missing 3* and 4* heroes. In the time were you lvled some of those 5* to 3.70 were they are probably stuck for a long time because you miss a lot of loot, you could have leveled with ease 30 3*/4* heroes for the War, doing far better than with unleveled 5*.

You are missing heroes to participate in tavern of legends and Ninja tower which would give you loot.

You are missing some key features, some good synergy. You have 1 dispeller leveled, you have 1 def down leveled, with those 2 red 5* you have some cleaners, but not for 3* and 4*. With all that missing you can’t really raid successfully in the cup area where a good defense would put you.

If you want to take my advice, forget your defense. Forget those 5* heroes for a while, you want get happy with them anyway at the moment.

Start leveling 3* heroes, maybe 3 each color for the beginning, there are a lot of threads in the forum who is worth leveling. You will do much better in wars and can participate in tournaments and events leading to more loot and faster leveling.

After that the same number of 4* heroes, healers, dispeller, cleaner, def down should have priority there, this will lead to far better results in raiding, war and with titans and will let you finish challenge event, participate useful in tournaments and alow you to finish most quests. Resulting in far more loot and making leveling far more easy.

After that you can make plans for a better defense, and will also have more success on offense.

If you want a working defense regardless what you could try Richard tank, Zimt and khiona beside and maybe owl or joon on one wing and lianna on the other, or if you already have hero academy maybe something like @Gimliv suggested.

But I would really think about leveling 3* and 4* before trying to max that def. Good luck however you decide :+1:


Thanks for the honest reply. I have sadly used a lot of 3 and 4* for leveling. Will try to keep some around. As for the defence, I currently sit safely on Platinum. That is enough for now until I get better options. I have to even out my teams a bit for wars and such. And getting 3* characters for tournaments is something I started at the recent costume event. Will keep the good 3 and 4* and level them. I don’t play a whole lot though, so it takes some time.

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This is my secondary user and it has not gotten as much attention as my main. I do have a lot of knowledge about the game though. The main user is all set Tournament-wise and for wars and everything and is at roughly 4750 in power. This user has just stuck around on another device and because of that it hasnt gotten that much attention.

I use this user in Wars too but doesn’t get that great results because of low level heroes.

I was thinking about having a Defense team of Guardian Kong, Vivica, Aegir, Gregorion/Lianna, Guardian Owl. That would give a 10% def boost to Kong and Owl wich is tempting. Having Aegir as a tank feels like the natural selection for this team and flanking him with a healer like Vivica or Costume Rigard should be good for defence I believe.

As for attack I think I eventually will go with Gregorion, Khiona, Costume Richard, Kong and Vivica.

Does those setups make sense to you guys?

You are absolutely right, but he asked what his best defense team would be assuming all his 5* would be maxed and no other heroes available.

Yes can definitely work, but I’m not sure if I would use vivi and aegir both. Your middle gets really passive so.

I would probably either tank aegir and 4 damage dealers or if you want vivi as a healer a more aggressive tank like Richard.

The combination with kong and owl is tempting, but than I would definitely not put vivi into it, two yellow, both slow and a passive tank with aegir is not the best you can field.

Yes, and after knowing that it’s only a second account and he is probably aware of everything I said you are right.
But without knowing more I think it’s suboptimal only answering the question asked and don’t give further advice when there are some problems with the rooster and I don’t know if the player is aware of them or not. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am well aware of the problems with this roster. Like I said, this is a secondary user. My heroes have come from TC20, Tokens/Coins and a few lucky HOTM as the most recent one for example. Have been hoping for a 5* healer for quite some time and got my Vivica from TC20 last wich is better than nothing. I feel she would work well for me with Heal, Cleanse and Def-up. Perhaps more useful as a wing in an attacking formation due to her Slow speed but should be helpful when I take on map-levels with this user.

Costume Rigard, who I got from the last event, is someone who will get leveled pretty soon since he is more or less a 5* in a 4* body and really benefit a team with his special. For now though, my focus lies on Chakko and will get him to 3/70 and see how he performs. The Slow speed on him is a shame but he is likely a pretty good option on a team like this.

Overall I feel this is user still got some good stuff for a ftp-account and I hope to make something out of it one day.

The suggestion of using Aegir as a tank and then go full damage feels interesting and something like Gregorion, Joon, Aegir, Marjana, Lianna is probably something I will look at in time just to see how it goes. They are screwed if the opponent takes out Aegir before his special since they are all quite squishy but worth a try.

My troops leave a lot to be desired. I have Mana troops in all colors except red but they are currently only at lvl 7. I have some Crit troops at lvl 11 that I got before my Mana-guys arrived.

Anyway. Thanks for your input guys

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