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Hey guys!

So I have a ton of heroes, and while I plan on maxing a lot of them I am working on 2 main teams in each category of 5/4/3star. So I would like to know what you guys think of my lineups, and let me know if I should change anything…I have a LOT of heroes so instead of mentioning them (I will list the 5 star ones), if you think my team would be better with a certain hero name it and I will tell you if I have it. So here are my teams:

1 (main): Seshat/Joon/Isarnia/Boldtusk (he’s 4 but he’s being maxed and he’s the healer)/Lianna
2: Kageburado/Vivica/Sandra/Kadilen/Mitsuko

1 (main): Cyprian/Li Xu/Grimm/Caedmon/Boldtusk
2: Proteus/WuKong/Kiril/Hansel/Wilbur (these heroes are amazing but I feel like it’s a bad combo)

1 (main): Balthazar/Bane/Gato/Belith/Namahage
2: Tyrum/KaIani (or Melia)/Valen/Brienne/Hawkmoon

Other notes: for war I don’t use any of the 3 star teams mostly 4 and 5 star, the 3 is for the raids and events that 3 star heroes are required. Also, my complete list of 5 star heroes are:

Purple- Seshat/Sartana/Bosswolf/Domitria/Kageburado
Yellow- Joon/Vivica/Drake Fong/Justice/Ranvir
Blue- Isarnia/Rumplestilskin/Misandra
Green- Lianna/Kadilen/Atomos/Horghall
Red- Mitsuko/Marjana/Elena/Azlar

Looking forward to the feedback, thanks in advance.

Yeah, that 2 4* team is a bad combo. Remove Wu or Wilbur, but you also shouldn’t have too many fixed offenses.

I’d do Drake before Joon, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either. I’d also do Kage before Seshat.

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Good call, Drake/Vivica and Kage are part my next set of 5 star to level up, currently my main team is operating at tier 30 level 60 I’m waiting to ascend them, they were the 1st legendary heroes I pulled so they are the strongest by default but now I’m gonna level the others up.

I have Chao, Danzaburo, Gretel, and Hu Tao I could swap Wu out for…who should I swap? Based on the others?


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Personally, I always put Wilbur and Boldtusk together. Barring any Mana reducers, they always fire together.

Once you have that, use Caedmon to wipe the spirit link, and then looking at the rest of your list, Isarnia, Azlar, and Elena all have the potential to devastate the entire side (one of my core teams is Elena/BT/Wilbur/Sabina or Caedmon and then pick a sniper to fill it out…if I get red, I win most of the time)

You guys don’t set up your main team as a rainbow so that you can have all tiles hitting enemies?

5 star (if those are the sequences that you put them)
1 - I would replace Lianna with Kadilen

Also, you don’t need 2 teams, just mix them around to find the right combo.

Try this:

Joon - Kage - Mitsuko - Misandra - Lianna (this would look more fearsome) or

Seshat - BT - Isarnia - Kadilen - Joon

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Nope. I run 3-1-1, 3-2, or 4-1 depending on what I need. My main attack team in raid is Onatel, Seshat, Chao, Chao, and Li Xiu/Sabina rounding it out. It is totally capable of taking out just about anything if I can manipulate the board right (I’m between 2350-2550 cups) because it controls Mana and wipes buffs like crazy.

By stacking you do more tile damage and can wipe the tank faster. It is risky; you’re more susceptible to a loss on a bad board. However, if your team has synergy with their specials and you can fire them, you’ll win a lot. The team above is TP 3754, but it has handled 4300 defenses (not saying it’s easy, just that it can be done).


Wow Wondermoose that’s awesome

I really like Kage, the 2nd team is not leveled as much since I just got them recently, so I’m literally leveling Kage/Kadilen/Vivica/Misandra as we speak, while fighting with my 1st team since they all leveled much higher (Seshat 3.20/Joon 2.60/Isarnia 3.53/Lianna 2.60/Boldtusk 3.60, Most are awaiting ascension)

Once they are leveled I will definitely make some swaps to have a more fearful team as you suggest

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I’m gonna try this and just keep the tornado as one of my tools to be able to give mana and shuffle the board whenever I need to

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