Team Strength vs Trophies

Am I the only one that gets very frustrated with being match by trophies vs strength? Or get very irritated when I get ready to attack an opponent only to find out their DEFENSIVE strength is greater than shown? How hard would it be to show offense strength and defense strength i.e. 3445/2450 or 3320/4535 with offensive strength shown first followed by defense.
Trophies are nice however I hate being blindsided with a team showing 3200…attack, win only to have a 4800 offense on revenge. It would also not be very hard to have different categories with a min strength and max strength so that way younger players might enjoy the game more if they were not constantly being attacked.

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Sorry I don’t know what you mean by defense strength is greater than shown?

The team power shown when you find an opponent will be the same when you attack them.

Some players like to put up a weaker defense and so stay lower in trophies then they could if they put up there strongest team to get easy revenge wins. But that doesn’t really bother me. I get an easy win and yes they also get an easy revenge win. So kind of equals each other out with regard to trophies.

But I have the advantage of only selecting opponents with good amounts of loot, whereas when they revenge they don’t get much of my food and iron as long as I collect from my tower before I log out.

I really don’t pay much attention to loosing when I’m defending. I’m more interested in winning when I attack.

All in all you will just settle within a range of trophies that your defense and attack allow for.

edit: Even the players with the strongest teams in the game loose fights when defending. The attacking team has an advantage over defending teams of equal strength.




It’s not that simple. I can form any team from my roster to revenge. You may have a maximum team strength that could be formed from your roster but choose to colour stack instead with a much lower value team. I look for attack synergies and often win with lower value teams than I am attacking.

Your best indicator of bench strength in the current raid formats is player level. Chances are if the player has a much higher level than you, they have a much deeper roster to revenge with and are probably cup dropping to pick up cups on revenge.

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How do you take into account formation? The same team strength but different formation result in different difficulty. It is best to leave it to trophy because it automatically sorted it based on difficulty even though takes time.

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I still don’t know why people complain about PvP? There are no rewards for standings. Who cares about trophy count other than managing enough wins for PoV?

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The characters are basically separated into either attack or defense i.e. healers are defense. So a team heavy in defense would have a higher defense score and of course offense the opposite. Example a team heavy in defense the score might read 2300 (offense score ) 4300 ( defense score ) which would look like 2300/4300 while an opposite style team would read for example 4300/2300.