Team slots

Can we not have 6 slots for hero’s teams, as have 6hits with different hero’s in the war, as don’t knw wht troops your 6th team gose into war with

You can have 15 team slots

You can look at troops in team setup screen outside and inside war

So not understanding your complaint


look at the middle one on this picture (the one before raid shield). 100 gem the 6th team then 150 gems the 7th

You can have a maximum of 15 and you can rename them

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It only gives you 5 slots, for hero’s, tht shows you what troops they have, this was a suggestion not a complaint. And only seeing troops on war adding not useful, want too assign my best troops if possible too the 6th team, had to go in without knowing why troops where being used, the first 5 trams I can assign my troops I want too

Thank you, didn’t see this bit

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