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Hey all.
Thinking to create this thread long ago. But only now have enough time.
First of all want to say that I think that teams slots it’s primary need which directly affect game process. And buy another one for money is really bad idea. Especially with 50 gems increasing of price.
For example I personally need 11 team slots. 5 for titan of every colour, 5 to group my heroes by colours to better see what I have in every colour (it’s also my war teams too) because in game filter by colours or power only - is bad and useless as for me. And last one is raid defence team.
And right now I always need change my heroes forth and back for titans or raids or challenge events or so. And it’s at least few times a day. Routinely work which have anything common with pleasure from game. It feels as bad as annoying adverts in others games after any actions. And also I spend some money every month to buy gems or so. Even if I usually have bad luck with summons. (Example - did 7 blue elemental summons and got 7 3*s, from which 4 - Karils). And adding very useful and needed team slots but for money and not small quantities ( for 10 extra slots - 3250 gems -what??) - is really bad idea.
So I think team slots must be for free (or maybe additional team slots for leveling like roster slots - it also can be award for playing long time and show loyality). It’s ok to buy hero cap increase because ordinary hero cap is enough usually but not team slots.
Thanks for reading.

You pay 100 gems for a 6th team not 50.
50 is for roster + slots and only before 100!

Yeah. But for seven slot is 150. For eight is 200.

I like things that are free as much as the next person. But I don’t think what these extra team slots cost is out of line. I mean it takes time, effort and money to implement these sorts of changes in the game. And getting those additional 6 teams that you said you need is roughly the cost of doing 5 of those 7 blue elemental summons that got you 7 3s. I know your not just buying those 3s, it’s also a chance at something better…but at the end of the day I think this is a fair cost in the game. Especially coupled with the new ability to name the teams, which I also really like :slight_smile:

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Sure, but then we can end with price for every additional minute in the game after 5 ( sure I am hyperbolizing it but still). And if you Google profit of SG and see that 33 million of $. Then you understand that team slots for free not so bad idea. And I paid that money to get any extra heroes(which is not primary and necessary). Because there are TC20 and free epic hero tokens. But there are no free teams slots and no way to get it without paying money.

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And obviously I will spend some money in the future. But not for team slots. I bought one for 100. Saw that increasing on 50 gems and said: “thanks but not for me”. Not to say that prices for my country on 20% higher in the game than for US players, but I live in much poorer country. And so on.

I sort of agree. I would love to get extra team slots for grinding and leveling up like we do with hero slots, but I don’t know how likely it is that SG will implement that.
To me, it’s just a minor inconvenience to not have all of the necessary slots, making me have to change my team everytime I do something, but in a way that gives me a chance to think and customize my team based on my adversary. Sometimes I need buffers, or dispellers, but I won’t always know that until I see who I’m facing. So in a way, I don’t mind not having the extra slots. Sure, it’s more time consuming, but by doing that I’m better prepared and more aware of who I’m using and why. I’m willing to purchase hero slots because it’s a reasonable price (only going up 50 gems per five purchases) and to me that’s a necessity, I want to keep most of my heroes. Team slots, to me, are just for convenience and therefore unnecessary, especially at the current cost- increasing with every purchase instead of by groups of five.
I obviously would love it if this were to change, but I am not overly affected by it so it’s not a huge issue for me, although that doesn’t seem to be the case for you and I’m sorry for that. Unless the team slot prices are reevaluated, if team slots are considered vital to you I would suggest carving out a specified amount of gems each month to go toward maybe one or two team slot/month. That way, over time, you’ll have all of the slots you want without devoting too many resources to them at a given time. You might have to do one less event pull a month, but if team slots are important to you then you might find more value in that. If not, keep holding out hope for things to change and keep voicing your concerns, hopefully SG will listen and consider it.

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I know, and was even thinking about. But then realized the situation from other side. "“Pay money to us or you will have not play routine forever”. I also bought 5 times hero cap increase for 50 gems and not complaining about it because it really not to much and reasonable price.

But mostly want to say that there are sometimes things that beyond the edge and “it’s too much”. But it’s only my opinion.

Loot tickets
Team slots
Cup freezing
Sure more I’m missing

All 3 were requested by players. Devs fullfilled each request, but simply set a principle that new features requested by players like these are only implemented if devs can get something back out of it. It is a business after all so these things are to be expected. We see a game, they see $$$

Loot tickets you can get for free. Cups freezing last things which you need for game itself. Mostly bragging.
But team slots is primary affect game process. And at least it’s ok if price was same as for hero cap increase. Or at least 100 gems for every team without increasing even.

They still sell loot tickets right? And dont you get loot tickets as another bonus for the VIP subscription? $$$

Obviously yes. But still some amount you can get for free. Want more? Buy.

There are big difference between “some amount for free” and “for money only”

Not to say that there are always auto-battle option in a game for free

You’re right. They simply implemented them for the good of the game and to satisfy player’s request. They didnt do it as another monetary gain tactic whatsoever.

Thank you for correcting me. What was i thinking…

It’s ok. Different people - different opinions. As I said about team slots only my opinion. Can be wrong as anyone else

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I was aware of that before my comment. I would also say that doesnt mean they should stop trying to make money. I congratulate their fine fortune in crafting such a beloved game. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t like free anything and everything lol. I’m just saying I appreciate the new features and think the pricing structure is fair. I purchased one extra slot just to set up an anti Guin team and that’s it. I’m very cheap to play and I don’t think it’s worth the gems (to me) to alieve the very minor inconvenience of changing team setups. To many others it will be.

At the end of the day we have different opinions, that’s all. People can have the same information but different perspectives that result in different opinions. To us it’s more a game. To them it’s more a business. Perhaps as a small business owner myself I’m more sympathetic to their point of view than some others. Not to say that if they started giving away a team slot for say every 10 levels you advance I wouldn’t appreciate it…I would :wink:

And as I see the loot ticket debate happening as I type I think @Rigs made a good point. Some loot tickets are free, others you buy. They recently increased the number of teams to 5, for free. Now they have the introduced the option buying more. No more than 1 or 5 teams are needed, just like loot tickets are not needed. They just save time. In the end it’s all good, I don’t strongly disagree with you, just trying to point out another way of looking at it. May your next summon bring you the hero you most desire!


Yeah. Agree with you about business and other things. Devs obviously must earn money for their work and so on. And I obviously will spend money again. Only not for team slots (principal position - because it’s really too much with that price).
Thanks but I give up on summons mostly (will try obviously but not expect much). I am running two TC20. And already got 4 5* from there in little more than in a month. So no complaining here also, it’s a long and hard way to get there but completely worth it.

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You are correct. I was playing when we had 3 team slots and people wanted more. Devs increased it to 5. Players wanted more. So now devs have simply made a statement that if they give us a little then we just want more then we should be willing to pay for it.

It was actually a debate for quite awhile before they increased it to 5. Some players saw it as a necessity, some saw it as unnecessary. Then devs just gave us 5 to close the debate, but that didnt work. So now players that dont want more, dont have to have more and players that do want more, can have more. But i just hope we dont continue to see some kind of price tag attached to every feature they introduce in the future.

And i have bought a couple team spots and regularly buy gems anyways. So I’m not complaining about rhe feature or the cost, but if players don’t show that they notice everytime the devs are trying to grab more money from their pockets then things would just get worse.

Devs keep players in check
Players keep devs in check

It creates a balance between customers and service providers

Devs give us feedback on issues. We give them feedback on issues. Game wouldn’t be where it is today if that communication was absent.


Absolutely agree with you.


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