Team slot names are unforgiving, increase the maximum length allowed or remove the limit

Please dont set a max here.


@SlicingWeeb I moved your thread to #ideas-feature-requests so people can vote on it and so it’s wirh other suggestions for the developers. :slight_smile:

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You could always just use one emoji and change the size. You won’t miss it :slight_smile:


Please tell me how :pray:

Abbreviate the description.

T for Titan, R for raid, D for defense.

In front of the text type the percentage increase in brackets. %100 is normal size, increase from that point or decrease. Example, [%125 ] without spaces between the brackets.


Development wise, it makes sense to limit the amount of characters. Text has to be stored somewhere, whether it’s in your phones memory or in the server the game accesses.

Imagine if there was no limit, and if multiple copied and pasted 5 paragraphs of Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet into the team slot name… that could have catastrophic consequences.

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