Team Slot Increase

The Team slot increase for raids, world battles and titan doesn’t work. From the description I’m suppose to get an extra team member to fight with.

“Team Slot” is not the same as “Team Member”

It doesnt allow you to use 6 heros.
It does allows you to make and keep an additional preselected team.


I agree that is doesn’t work.
I tried using it when I was at raid flags = 6. It said “Grants you one extra team slot for World Battles, Raid Battles and Titan Battles.” I paid 100 gems and it did nothing. I thought it was a bug since the little icon said “5-6.”
Then it said “6-7” for 150 gems. I paid 150, but my Raid Battle flags (or team slots) stayed at 6. Now the little icon says 7-8, but my neither my World Battles, Raid Battles, nor Titan Battle team slots have increased at all.
Can someone contact us for information about how to refund me 250 gems or increase my “World Battles, Raid Battles, or Titan Battles” up 2 slots.
Thank you.

You totally misunderstand what a team slot is then. You don’t get additional flags by buying team slots.

You add the ability to set more than 5 different teams in your hero list. That is all.


Thank you for your clarification. Wow! it went from being something that I really wanted to something that is almost completely useless. I also checked, and it did work. I now have 7 teams that I can make. I guess my only recommendation would be for the developers to change the description of what people are buying so that no one else wastes their gems like I did.


yea, I’d change the “Grants you one extra team slot” to “Grants you ability to set additional teams in your hero list”.

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Yep, there’s a discussion about how to solve this communications issue here:


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