Team Slot increase description

Recent update: * Additional team slots can be obtained from Shop.

I just bought this once because I wasn’t sure what it meant. It might be helpful to indicate this increases the number of teams and not the size of teams. Team Slot is ambiguous to me.

I admit that the latter would have been a crazy change as teams with more heroes would be over powered.

How many Team Slots can we buy? How much does they cost? Havent the update yet

I don’t know, slot 6 is 100 gems. Slot 7 is 150 gems. I only bought one and have no intention of buying more.

15 slots max, each costing 50 :gem: more than the previous.

@Wibble I hear you, but I’m not sure how better to word it. The 5-hero team is so set in stone, it frankly didn’t occur to me that there was any ambiguity.


I think the problem occurs because you start with 5 teams with 5 hero slots.

The only way I could see fixing it is giving all players 1 free team slot (total of six ) and adjusting the price on slots 7- 15.

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I reviewed it again and I think the confusion is because of the word slot.

“Grants you one extra team for…”
“Grants you one extra team slot for…”
What’s a slot? Teams are numbered team 1, team 2 etc. Not team slot 1, team slot 2.
Oh well, I guess I’ll use it.


I like @Wibble’s wording of, “…one additional team…”. Removing the word “slot” would be super helpful.

My experience of being confused by this: I took note that some of the enemy teams in the current seasonal event had six enemies, I think–and then what really threw me off was the fact that the icon for the additional team slot distinctly shows the addition of another hero, creating the strong impression that we’re adding another hero to the slots within a team, as it were.

So if nothing else, for others’ sake, radness would ensue if the icon could be changed somehow. It’s currently decidedly misleading.

100 gems down the drain on my end. Will not purchase again.


…FWIW, I think it would be awesome if we could buy additional team places to overpower others. :slight_smile:

I admit, I thought this was adding an extra hero to your team to make 6 hero teams. I’ve only been playing a couple months so I’m still learning +the wording/picture is a bit confusing. Glad I checked here first +didn’t waste my gems! :sweat_smile:


How about just omitting the word, “slot,” from the description? That would make clear what is available and obviate the confusion with slots on individual teams.

While the 5 member limit may be obvious to designers and experienced players, it is not so much so to newbies like myself. I totally wasted 100 coins on selecting this with my first coin purchase (and I was VERY unhappy with the useless - at this stage - purchase).

Joseph Felcon (HempMaster)

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Even though I initially thought this is what the increase in team slot would be I’m actually super relieved it’s not, it would be irrationally unfair 5vs6, or they’d make it that if you had 6 hero’s you could only vs other 6s, cutting off half your raid pool.

Totally agree! I wasted 100 gems on this because of the confusing description. Not only is this purchase worthless, they will not refund 100 gems :-1: not cool.

Seems like a trap for newbies to waste 100 gems on a worthless POS. As I said, drop the word, slot, and confusion disappears. Keeping the description unchanged is incorrect, unless you’re actually trying to get people to waste the gems.

And I see the question addressed on the support page, but REALLY, who goes there first? I was level 10 before I even figured out where those support pages lived.

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Same here, 100 gems wasted on nothing :anguished: it is indeed very misleading :disappointed_relieved:

@volkanica, chill, have you not played any phone games before? They are ALL like this! I’ve got about 20 games on my phone +every single one of them had the option for micro transactions. I don’t blame the developers, they are a business +need to make money or else they can’t pay staff +maintain servers!? Out of 20 games I spend money on 2 of them, E+P +Plants vs Zombies Heros, about $10-15 per month each. It’s my choice to prioritise these games over the others +my choice to sink a small amount of money into them. The game isn’t forcing me. It is possible to play for free, I did it for the first couple months I played, it’s just that progress is a liddle slower.

Remember, you don’t have to pay to play to have fun!

Bump to get more recognition!

The biggest source of confusion for me was the inclusion of the “world battles, raid battles and titan battles” in the description. I thought it had something to do with world energy or number of raid, world or titan flags.
I would recommend changing it to something like the following: “Grants you one extra team in your hero roster to organize your heroes into teams.”

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I deleted my game because of this. Bye :wave:.

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