Team should be controlled by team cost

As I see this misery around Telluria, I just got an idea, how can be solved.

Yes the fact is as I see top 100 players (maybe top 200 players) the usual tank is Telluria.
So if somebody likes raid, after a few round it igoing to be boring and causing demotivation.
(I have Telluria as well and keep my trophies around 2700) => good feeling

But if somebody have Vela, GM or Finley as well, of course he will use around Telluria.
All of them amazing heroes but I think the solution should’t to be nerf some of them.

Solution can be: LIMIT THE USAGE OF BETTER HEROES IN ONE TEAM (including defense team and attack team)

use team cost to control it => If you would like to take Telluria and Vela in defence team, ok you can but on the remaining 3 place you can use 4 star heroes only.

So I think E&P need to re-thinking TEAM COST and will be open a totally new mind set in the game.

Total team cost 150
Team 1
Proteus: team cost 20
Joon: team cost 30
Telluria: team cost 40
Vela: team cost 40
Kiril: team cost 20
Total team cost: 150
SO if you have Finley with team cost 40 you not able to use :slight_smile:

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