Team setups - suggestions

I’m a bit frustrated on how I should have my teams set up. More like I just can’t make up my mind!
I’ve got a decent bench (still need a few more 3*&up) so any advice would be helpful.

I already know that some will advise against using Layla but she’s been a favorite of mine since I started playing.

Some? Having Rigard and Tiburtus, keep Layla only as your roster’s pet. But there’s absolutely no plausible reason for keeping a 2* having so many able 4* to replace her.

Random advice: level up Rigard, Wu Kong and Kiril. Keep leveling Buddy up.


I’ve been debating on switching to Rigard and I literally just got him. Buddy has been my main focus currently. Thank you :slight_smile:


And, when Rigard is strong enough, Hawkmoon could be replaced by Colen (priority to a rainbow 4* before maxing 5*, especially because, in the first months, we lack enough ascension material).


I will say the Mats needed for 4* is CRAZY! I can only imagine for 5*

Oh ABSOLUTELY! I would never forgive myself if I did that!

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I think they don’t allow eating emblemed heroes.


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If you’re f2p, I’d probably fully level at least 1 rainbow 3* team before moving onto your 4s i think

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Ha never knew that since i hadnt tried

You have great heroes to work with, but they must be leveled up to be viable. You need to focus on having training camps churning out feeders for these heroes to bring them up to at least third ascension for them to be useable.

I strongly urge starting players to start with a solid 3* team, which is pretty quick to develop.

First, use matched-color training, that is, feed little purple heroes to better purple heroes, green to green, etc. This gives a 20% experience bonus and a doubled chance of boosting the special skill.

Second, build from Rare heroes upward. Rare heroes (3*) take a lot fewer resources to develop; 4* much more: 5* a ridiculous amount more yet. Keep but ignore your 5* heroes. You’ve got a solid yellow 3* in Bane, and Hawkmoon for a healer. :white_check_mark:

Third, focus your training. Work one hero up until done or you hit an ascension mat limit.

Here’s what I’d recommend as a training plan:

  • Yellow: wu Kong is a must for his skill against titan and on offense
  • Purple: Cochin is a great tank at max. Then work on Rigard then Tibertus. Rigard will be your mainstay healer.
  • Blue: skip Agwe, who is a weak hero. Get Valen done, the finish Ulmer, then Kiril.
  • Green: Given where Buddy is, get him to 3/60 then get Brienne to 3/50. Get Buddy to 4/70mwhen you can; work on Melendor while you wait on ascension mats.
  • Red: I’d add Nashgar to your team next; he’s a very solid 3* striker. Colen next.

I’m slightly PTW… Mostly just for vip but I dabble in the gem department

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That is some great advice! Very detailed and I thank you for it!

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I know a lot of people use different teams for defense, raids, titans, war, and events… I also know about color stacking with the Titan (everytime I do, the board seems to hate me).

Best setup for each?

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There is no best but include Wu in all your titan team setups.


I would focus on building Rigard, Buddy, Colen, Kiril and Wu Kong at 4*.
And for 3* with Bane it would be Nashgar, Brienne, Valen and Chochin


@Bruno82 @Rigs @AirHawk @JGE
Took the tips and ran with it. Attacks are definately going better. Thank you all for the input. :blush:


I’m in the same situation and need some assistance with making teams.

This is my roster

@LadyKingsblood 5 stars for the final tier is one Damascus blade, a tome of tactics, 4 3-star ascension mats, and 6 4-star mats. Food I believe is in the 700K range. Don’t remember exact numbers for that. Then the tiers before that is just a repeat of 4 stars tiers 2 to 4. For 4 and 5 stars the ascension mats change according to elements. I myself have absolutely no 5 stars sadly. At least I am building my 4 stars and 3 stars though.

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