Team setup help

I’m a noob so go easy

First of all, if you’re relatively new in this game, I suppose that you don’t have the ascension mats for the 5* heroes. If I’m right, then forget them for now.

I’d focus on 3 and 4*.

Regarding 3*, I’d finish Belith and max Hawkmoon.

Regarding 4*, don’t waste the mats in Kashrek, but in Brynhild. She’s far miles better. I’d only use mats in Kashrek if I had the costume.
Tiburtus and Caedmon would be good options as well.


What @Silencio said. Do hawkmoon and belith for your 3*.
In addition to tiburtus, brynhild & caedmon, finish boldtusk and wu Kong. You will use them forever. Also Scarlett is very good.
Because it can’t be said often enough. Focus on 4* before you max 5*. You will need at least 15 maxed 4*. Some reasons are: 4* at 4/70 stronger than 5* at 3/70. You won’t have the mats for the final ascension and finally leveling 5* to early will slow down your overall progress, cause it costs you more feeders, mats and time…
Good luck and happy gaming


Thanks for the help.


I do hope you’ve found a good training alliance - knowledgeable players will help you avoid the many noob pitfalls in this game… Like wasting resources on 5* heros instead of building up a solid roster of 3* & 4* heros - also needed for tournaments / events. Check out Alliance Recruitment and even make a new thread describing what sort of alliance you are looking for - you’ll be inundated with offers.

You’ve got some great advice already, and you can never have enough healers.

Who do you have as your current defense team :thinking:? I’m puzzled as to your best line-up given your levelled heros.

A team that could possibly (if talented) bring you very(!) far in the normal PvE content (= fighting monsters).

Boldtusk - Boril - brynhild - cyprian - colen

Why? In the higher levels, enemies hit quite strong and the riposte will do the work for you.
Two healers should be enough to survive.
Colen does some aoe damage and his burn helps to fasten up some fights.