Team set up

Thinking this was a good team set up against gold arena. What do you think?

What are the other heroes in your roster?

Well, not happy to say that, as it looks like you have spent a lot of money, but you should start the game at the beginning and start levelling 2-3 rainbow 3* teams and then going on with 4*.

Based on the levels of your heroes, Iam pretty sure you do not have the mats to bring your 5* to the final levels.


Hello and welcome…
You have so many partially leveled.

Now, next project focus one by one on-color rainbow level, so until one hero finish then next hero on that color. Red feeder to red hero, etc.

Red: Boldtusk ASAP, Wilbur, Falcon, Scarlett, Colen
Blue: Grimm, Sonya, Triton
Green: Hansel, Melendor, Gadeirus, Skittleskull
Yellow: finish Chao, Li Xiu 3.60, Wu Kong not so urgent you have Ranvir and Miki, finish Hu tao.
Purple: Proteus ASAP, Rigard

And also consider leveling *3 worth to keep:
Red: Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar, Jahangir
Blue: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Green: Muggy, Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan
Yellow: Bane, Melia, Kailani, Gan Ju, Arman
Purple: Balthazar, Gill-Ra, Chochin, Tyrum

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@Seerbah You have received a great overview from @jinbatsu. Read through it.
I fully agree also with the feedback from @ll2000sr You have spend money already but with your current roster the only benefit you should consider is the VIP monthly pass for dual builder. Build first you base and you 3* roster team and go slow mode to 4* and than to 5*. Sooner or later you will be frustrated because you do not have a solit 3* team what you can use on your level. For the higher lvl you will face the same issue. In order to max a 5* hero you need a insane amount of resources ignoring the ascention items.

Some of the heroes mentioned I don’t have but you gave me lots of good tips! Latetly I’ve been trying to go by what other teams use in raids and it’s mostly two healers and a debugger and heavy hitter. I tried that and it didnt work for me lol

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