Team rearrangement?

hi all, below is my current setup. team 1 is basically used for everything ie.

  1. questing
  2. titans
  3. raiding
  4. ally wars

team 2 to 5 is for alliance wars. been using this for quite a while but somehow i feel it’s not really right.

does team 1 need rearranging? if yes, who to swap from team 2 to 4? i still prefer to keep team 1 as all rounder so when i dun have time to really play due to work & other daily stuff, it still serve me well. same goes for balance teams. thanks!

firepower as follows:

team 1: 3427
team 2: 3014
team 3: 2378
team 4: 3299
team 5: 2986

yoohoo, any help pls???

I don’t really arrange my war teams (no. 2-5) this way so I’m not sure what advice I could give about that. I usually double or triple up strong color to take out my opponents tank.

You have some good heroes however, and I think a really good all-around rainbow team for your #1 slot would be Melandor, Grimm (quickly get him maxed) Bolttusk, Wu Kong, and Tiburtus…true you have some overlap with 2 ramming pulverizers but you’ll destroy whoever you face. You alternately could throw in Merlin instead as his mana control is quite useful. Another superior grouping would see you swap Tibs for Rigard and Hansel for Melandor giving you a lineup of Hansel, Grimm, BT, Wu, and Rigard…on second glance, I think I like this second team even more than the first…the only thing lacking is a debuffer to take away enemy buffs. But you have plenty of material to work with.

You also could go healer-heavy so you never need to worry and can auto-fight alot and use Melandor, Grimm, BT, Wu, and Rigard. That is also an option I like to use at times when i dont really want to pay attention when farming a higher level.

Although I like Kiril quite a bit, i dont favor Lancelot (I have him maxed and dont care for him) and his special wont ‘stack’ with Kiril which is why i suggest Bolttusk as a replacement (whose special also doesnt stack with Kiril). That, hopefully, explains my reasoning for subbing Grimm for Kiril. Sorry if this didn’t come out as clearly as I would’ve liked…its late and I’m tired. Hope this helps a little. Enjoy your day/night… :sunglasses:

@ badassninjadad hey thanks for the lengthy reply. i’ll go study it in detail :hugs:

You should not always use the same Team für Titans. E.g. if you fight a blue titan 3-4 People of the Team should be green(as green is strong against blu

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Agree with @Thund3r. Only your raid defence team should be reasonably static.

Every other battle should be customised for the enemy. Your team should be as mutable and flexible as possible.

As Drake Fong would say:

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ok, did some major levelling & re-arrangement, pls comment how does it look now?

firepower now:

team 1: 3545
team 2: 3507
team 3: 2984
team 4: 2997
team 5: 2378

hi all,

sorry to bring up my thread again, but need help w my setup again.

team 1 to 6 is what i use for war
team 1 in addition used for raids

so basically i wana do overhaul of all e teams as somehow current arrangement dun feel right to me but I dun really know how to rearrange them to make them more powerful/efficient. could u guys/gals help? Team 1 esp should be strongest since it’s going to be pri team.

also screenshot some current levellng/not sure which to level heros for ref, thanks.

bump for help pls thanks

good morning all, help pls?

Evelyn - Magni - Guin - Victor - Marjana

@AirHawk thank u kind sir/mamm !

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