Team power

How is team power calculated? Is it a calculation between Your Heroes stregnth and your troops? I don’t understand how it works because I have been raided by teams that have about a thousand less power points than me and they have won. How can I team with that much less power than you defeat you? So how is team power calculated?

You are right: team power is a sum of hero power plus troops. In raids it is important to take in account not only a total power, but positions of heroes in a defence team and specials that heroes have. For example, Kelile is a strong red attacked with fast mana, but she has weak defence. If she is in a centre of a defence team it will be killed quickly without making any harm to attacking heroes.
In addition to that attacking team can be composed to utilize weaknesses of a defence team. Say, defence team has a yellow hero in a central position, so attacked can use two purple heroes to increase damage of purple tiles and kill central defence hero quickly before it can use special.

If you see a team raiding you that has a lot less power, then you need to remember that they probably attacked you using a much stronger team that you can’t see.

Plus, the oppenants attack team may not be their defense team. Some people leave their defense team weaker than they could because they want to be in a position to win the fewest raids as needed to open the Raid Chest.

Omg i so agree with you on this one. How is that even possible. But is certainly hppens freuently!!!