Team Power should take into account Family Buffs

Family bonuses of S2 heroes are no joke. A great feature IMHO.

Full buff from a family, like %20 defense buff from Atlantis family, is persistent for the whole game unlike other buffs. But it isn’t taken into account while calculating the team power. This results people attacking seemingly “weak” teams and losing :smile:

Like 3900 powered Atlantis family gets raided by a 4100 4200 team and half the time they lose like they’ve been attacking to a 4100-4200 team.

So I say calculation should take buffed stats into account, not the base values. It already takes Troop bonuses into account.

From this comment I’m assuming you are thinking more along the lines of war calculations? Assuming this is correct, how would the system know that the player would use those heroes together?

The system already makes 2 assumptions:

  1. You will use your best heroes in defense.
  2. You will use your best troops for defense.

While neither of these will be done 100% of the time, it is logical that you will use the best heroes/troops - or close to them - for the strongest, highest powered defense. That makes these assumptions mainly logical.

The Atlantis families are spread out over 3, 4 & 5 star heroes. There is the very definite scenario where some of the Atlantis heroes are not in the top 30 heroes for a player. A player would be rated higher for having heroes that are not his strongest.

Interested in your thoughts on how the system would handle this logic. I do agree that the Atlantis bonus can be deadlier than regular heroes. Just not sure how it would locially be implemented.

Could be counted into a teampower value, since it hasn’t any effect for a single hero and that also seems to be the only suggestion of this thread.

While I agree that a specific team can and should have a higher team power if they have a family bonus, it doesn’t really matter all that much. Team power is already not an accurate representation of the effectiveness of a team anyway because it would need to also take into account a wide variety of other factors, some of which aren’t readily available to the app.

In fact, I’m a proponent of simply removing the team power metric from the game entirely:

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that’s a valid point for wars. but the thing i’m trying to focus is raids. and i agree team power doesn’t mean anything in any system, be it raids or wara. but just it is staying there, people think that it means something, like how their team matches with opponent’s.

say wars or raids, neither of them using team power for matchmaking. team powers are just numbers which we unconsciously relate to, so it may be deceptive. what i’m suggesting is to address this.

Got it. You’re suggesting adding a fluidity to the team power that is based on the hero power that gets adjusted when 2+ of the same Atlantis Family are in the team?

i agree, team power are just numbers to give some idea, which isn’t guaranteed to be true.

a match between two teams mainly affected by the table which is random. so one can say they aren’t useful.

in the other hand, one can pick an opponent on alliance wars battlefield by looking their numbers. i say, more accurate the number is more fun it will be

exactly. i guess i’ve failed to express it as clearly as you did. :+1:

Haha, more like I was multitasking and missed the point :rofl:

I’m running:


I emblemed Melia to 14 (will go to 17) on defense/HP path. Here are their stats (ATT/DEF/HP) right now with 4* LVL 11 mana troops and NONE are fully maxed except Melia:

Melia (3/50-14): 642/620/848
Gad (3/60): 615/776/910
Ariel (3/37): 641/829/1018
Triton (4/20): 762/717/926
Proteus (4/63): 834/793/1061

At 17, Melia will have 920 HP. The +20% defense family bonus is no joke. Gad will have 936 DEF once maxed.

I was wondering this myself. When making war team I can have my defending war team have a power level of 4603 or an atlantis team that is about 400 battle power under that. My atlantis team is (each hero is fully leveled and ascended, the number next to their name is how many emblems I have on them.
Proteus 4, gadeirus 20, Triton 20, poseidon 20 and I throw boldtusk 20 in with them
Personally I feel the atlantis team is pretty brutal but everyone in my alliance gives me a hard time for trying to change.
Was looking into this to see if they were right or gain justification for my stance

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With family bonus on a team maybe have next to there said family icon on the card a number 2/3/4/5 showing how many.
Same with relem hero’s in S3 even though you can see what the bonus is by clicking on the icon this way bit more visible.

When I was in our mini alliance If we run green tank I’d run proteus+7 ariel (not sure on emblems) gaderius+15 poseidon and triton+7
That 20% defence did help alot don’t think I ever got one shot during that normally would run this when field aid was a thang :slight_smile:

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