Team power points

Why do we have team power when a team with lesser points can beat a team with more power points. It’s really kind of ridiculous

This is to prevent the “rich kids” from destroying you while being on level 5 :sweat_smile:

If there wasn’t any team power requirements, people could invest a whole lotta money for summons and gems and boost their heroes right away to 4^80.

Team power requirement slows that down. They could boost everything in no time anyways but won’t be able to use the heroes in fights because the team power would be too high.

Team power is a general information of your team strength, but the outcome of a match depends also on many other factors like:

  1. attack is in an advantageous position (see for exampe Raids are unfair, but not for the reasons you think)
  2. you may play well or poorly
  3. you may be lucky or not with the board
  4. you may select wisely or randomly your heroes depending on your opponent (counter attacking tank? maybe bring a dispeller)

All of these factors and many other can drastically affect the outcome of a match.
The team power just gives you a rough estimation of how strong your team will be if you average out all of the above factors in many many fights (btw it is advisable not to average on points 2 and 4 but rather play the higher range for those factors :slight_smile:)

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