Team power needs help

Raiding is waste of time when 5 out 6 times u get ■■■ kicked when team power is closely matched. Something needs to be adjusted.

TP doesn’t really matter, my alt beat few teams stronger 1000 points than attack team.

Its bad team choose or crappy board.

I think it depends on the boards and your strategy.
I usually win 5 out of 6 against teams 200/300 points more powerful tan mine

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Are you attacking mono? 3-1-1? 3-2?

Are you choosing your heroes based on their counter to the specials of the opponent’s heroes?

If the answer to any of the above is “no,” that might be a place to start.

Edit: I was a little terse in the answer above. I should have started by saying that I feel your pain. I have felt similarly in the past, but less recently now that I raid more strategically. It certainly helps that my roster is deeper and I have more options with respect to tailoring my raid team to the opponent’s defense, but the single biggest improvement to my raiding success has been practice. I participate in all the tournaments (including three-star tourneys, my favorite) to refine my choice of heroes that I bring to the fight.

none of that helps, of course, with bad boards.

I hope that makes you feel a little better.

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