Team Power in War

Dear developers,

please consider the possibility to change TeamPower reflection in War

Look at attached screen print, there reflected TeamPower is 4030 but really it less than 4030 because hero is damaged. May be better to show real TeamPower at the moment?!

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Team power and hit points are different. You play that team wrong, you’ll see the team power.

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Sorry littleKAF, but you are wrong. TeamPower depends on health points. For example if you have damaged team with 5hp for every 5* unit is the TeamPower like as for full hp? No! I’ll kill them all with full hp 3* or 4* units!

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@littleKAF is right: Power is a fixed value for each hero based on attack, defense, max HP and special level.

The green bars over each hero show remaining health at a glance, so that will tell you where the injured teams are.

To be clear, team power has no mechanical function in wars. It is merely advisory to the attackers.


So i’m telling you TeamPower should count not just Max HP but Real HP. Please think more deep about it.

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Technicalities aside, I agree with the suggestion.

It would be nice if the TP showed would take into account the lost hp of heroes, that might encourage some lower level people to go for harder finishing strikes. And all in all would just be a fun thing, and I full well know that TP generally does not mean much.

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But what if there are healers? Or you bring an off color and charge a special? The TP considers how damaging a hero could be. I for one feel it’s fine as is and people know who to hit through experience and learning the game. Good communication in an alliance also helps and is probably more crucial than adjusting TP. We’ve encouraged lower leveled members to monocolor attack and they’ve taken out a 5* with a team of 1*s. Doesn’t happen all the time, but it can happen.

Health is also a part of TP.

And your points are valid. I just still think this would be a nice and fun quality of life improvement.

I think the bigger question at hand:

How many times did you guys 1 shot that aegir team? Lol

Well from the screenshot it looks like they failed on at least one attempt lol

The TP metric does summarize maximum health as part of what it counts. The problem with treating current health as though it were max health, and adjusting the reported TP accordingly, is that any live healers or healing effects can quickly restore TP to it’s “true” value.

How about this:

Why not show an “Effective Team Power” accounting for the damage (where current health computes into the metric as if it were max health), and “True Team Power” showing the baseline power?

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Exactly! Good explanation! Because on battlefield Effective Team Power would be more clear for players!


I’d urge a simpler solution: look and use your own judgment. I’d prefer that the entire “team power” metric disappears. It’s not very informative, especially in wars where I don’t have my entire bench. I’m looking for a team that I can beat using what I have available. Team Power doesn’t inform that, nor would the proposed modified score. I look at the heroes, their health, their colors, their skills, and think.

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@Kerridoc you could give almost the same analysis to everyone who comes to the forum asking “should I ascend A or B?” Use your own judgement.

I agree that TP is a weak metric; I never look at it while raiding because the only thing it would matter for is how many cups I stand to win. The match-up between elements is god; if I can mitigate/counter your powers with the right colors and mana speed, I win. If not (or if the boards are evil) I lose.

The problem is that analyses which are easy for many of us feel very daunting to a large portion of the population. And they’re looking for shorthands or simplifications to help them understand how to proceed. I’m not convinced that kicking away the crutch will genuinely help people learn to walk.

A half damaged 3000+ team would still kill a fresh 2000+ team. At most we instruct our lower member that losing is still a bonus as it hurts them further and any score is better then no score. I view hero lineup more then team power. As mentioned above, the right tiles and/or heroes makes all the difference. If the health reflected team power think my members would be angry they loss a 2400 vs 1800(3200) displayed opponent.

To exclude any misunderstanding - look at the screenprint of topic starter. You have to just give the unambiguous answer - which team there should be to win? You can’t! Because initial team of enemy is not the same when it half damaged. Many newbies wish to understand the real power of damaged team.

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In fairness, that’s a hard question–and that’s the point @Kerridoc was making. If you go up against a team with just Alberich or Mother North left, and you come in with a 2200TP rainbow team, you could very easily get crushed as they rez everybody and pound you. If you say the TP is only 800 because just Alby is left… well, you might convince people to take a bad risk. And I could give other examples. Just Azlar will wipe a badly selected team.

I feel like there needs to be something to help players understand the weakened state of the enemy team, but just how best to go about it is still kinda unclear to me (despite my proposal).


Garanwyn there was absolutely good way from you to show “Effective Team Power” in addition to TeamPower or instead of it on Battlefield - wonderful suggesion! If it will implemented then in any way this will help to thousands of players!

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